New Opponents Report

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As we like to do here at DriveHUD, we've added another cool feature. The Opponent analysis report is now available in the latest versions of Drivehud (download below). Now you can quickly analyze and see how the top 50 toughest competitors have played against you. To check out your opponent analysis report just select Opponents from the Reports ribbon (shown below). opponents report Quick Tip: After loading the report, which will take a minute or so to load the very first time you load it, you can close out your DriveHUD gauges and graphs from the center expander, and then expand your report by dragging and dropping the grid separator lower (where the red arrow is). This way you'll have more work space to look at your opponents, and their hands. Adjust it to fit your needs. After you have it setup to meet your needs you can analyze your opponents over play from their stats, add or remove new stats to the report by right clicking any column header, and double click and re-play hands from the hand grid. Enjoy! Important note: If you update to the latest build, it will force you to do a new migration in order to add the data for the report. Depending on your system profile it can take 5-10 minutes per 1 million hands. If you're on a very low profile system, Drivehud will switch to a slower safe mode migration. This can take 1-2 hours per 1 million hands. Please keep this in mind before updating.   Happy grinding and analyzing!

New text pop-up poker HUD stats added

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line bar graphWe added a new option now to have text pop-up instead of only line bar graphs. You can see the bar graph icon or text icon options at the bottom right corner for each stat in the pop-up. When you create a new pop-up menu, every stat will default as a line bar graph, but if you click on the pop-up, you'll have an option to set it to text or keep it line bar. See the screenshot below: test poker hud stats

58 New Poker Stats Added To DriveHUD

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poker statsWe thought you might like some more stats in DriveHUD, so we went ahead and put in 58 new ones we think will help your game! Here's a complete list of the new stats. If there's any other ones you'd like to see added, as always, just let us know. You can get the latest update here: 5-Bet% Bet Flop when Checked to SRP% Bet River on BX Line% Call Flop C-Bet IP% Call Flop C-Bet OOP% Call River Raise% Call Turn Check-Raise% Check River after BB Line% Check-Raise & Call vs. Flop C-bet% Check-Raise & Fold vs. Flop C-bet% Check-Raise C-Bet% Checks Flop as PFR and C/C OOP on Turn% Checks Flop as PFR and C/F Turn% Checks Flop as PFR and Calls Turn% Checks Flop as PFR and Fold to Turn Bet% Checks Flop as PFR and Raises Turn Bet% Delayed Turn C-bet in 3-bet pot% Delayed Turn C-bet IP% Delayed Turn C-bet OOP% Flop Bet Size 1/2 or less% Flop Bet Size 1/4 or less% Flop Bet Size 2/3 or less% Flop Bet Size 3/4 or less% Flop Bet Size Pot Size or less% Flop Check Behind% Flop Overbet Pot% Fold to 3-Bet IP % Fold to 3-Bet OOP % Fold to 4-bet% Fold to 5-Bet% Fold to Double Barrel % Fold to Double Barrell in 3-Bet Pot% Fold to Flop C-Bet IP % Fold to Flop C-Bet OOP % Fold to Flop Check-Raise % Fold to Flop Donk Bet % Fold to River Check/Raise% Fold to Turn CheckRaise% Fold Turn% Raise Flop C-Bet 3-bet Pot% River Bet% River Call Effeciency River Check/Call% River Check/Fold% River Overbet Pot% Shove flop after 4-betting pre-flop% Turn AF Turn Bet Size 1/2 or less% Turn Bet Size 1/3 or less% Turn Bet Size 1/4 or less% Turn Bet Size 2/3 or less% Turn Bet Size 3/4 or less% Turn Bet Size Pot Size or less% Turn Overbet Pot% WTSD% after calling 3-Bet PF% WTSD% after calling PFR% WTSD% after not c-betting flop as PFR% WTSD% after seeing Turn% WTSD% as PF 3-Bettor%

Performance Update

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mclarenIf you haven't already seen it in the forums we released a new HUD performance update. With this new method and process we're using, you should see up to a 50% increase in performance while playing. The team re-worked all of the major elements in the HUD, since we're added so much over this first year of release. All of these new ways to draw the HUD, player x-ray, and all the new pop-ups created a much more robust HUD experience. You can check it out here in our forums if you haven't already. Happy HUDing!

New Poker Graphing

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poker graphWe've added some new poker graphing if you haven't noticed. The default dashboard graphs are slightly different. Now you can graph by total hands, by month, year, BB and $. We've also added some new line graphs in showdown (SD), non-showdown winnings (NSD), and Expected value (EV). If you click the pop-out icon on the left hand side of the graphing, you'll get a bigger expandable pop-out graph with some more graphing options. Line bar graph You can now graph showdown and non-showdown winnings per month. You can graph by EV difference per month, and by cash and tournament game type results by month. Pie Graph You can quickly see your biggest losing and winning hands in the new pie chart graph. You can also graph money won by position at the table, as well as graphing when your most profitable hours of the day are to play.   We'll be adding some more graphing options to these charts soon as well. And if you have any suggestions, let our staff know! Enjoy.  

Happy Holidays from APS software!

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christmas treeAfter all the presents are opened, and the last pie has been eaten, Christmas, and the holiday season is about family and being grateful for what we have. It's a time for reflection about another year that has past, and a look ahead about what our vision and goals are for the upcoming year. All of us at Ace Poker Solutions are thankful for your continued support this year. It's been an exciting year for us, and we hope for you as well. We look forward to continuing to grow with you, and serving the poker community as best we can. Wishing you no bad beats in 2018 and beyond, and a safe and prosperous year for you and your family! - John Anhalt Founder of Ace Poker Solutions