Always looking to improve anywhere we can, the DriveHUD team did some more speed improvements. This time speeding up equity calculations in the internal poker equity calculator for both real time calculation in game, and post review calculations. Holdem games saw a 240x improvement, and Omaha was sped up by 30x+.

speed improvements

Speed optimization for report loading was also improved. Anywhere from 2-10x speed improvements for report loading depending on system specs. DriveHUD loves combining great graphical interfaces, without sacrificing any speed and load times. You get the best of both worlds. Some benchmarks from recent updates:

Reports optimization results:
Dataset: 850k cash hands, 360k tournament hands
<Report Name> – <Before> -> <After> – +% hands/s
Cash reports:
Overall: 11s -> 4.5s (+244%)
Position: 11s -> 4s (+275%)
Session: 12.5s -> 4s (+312%)
Tournament reports:
Results: 20.3s -> 2s (+1015%)
Tournaments: 88.5s -> 19s (+465%)
Stats: 20.5s -> 2s (+1025%)
PokerSites: 10.5s -> 1.5s (+700%)

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