There’s going to be a lot of new stuff in this upcoming build. A lot of changes we should highlight so you can understand. A couple of basic new things, like equity calcs in the hand re-player now (yeah):

poker equity calcs

Lots of new stats being added:

Limp%, Limp EP%, Limp MP%, Limp CO%, Limp BTN%, Limp SB%, Limp/Call%, Cold Call EP%, Cold Call MP%, Cold Call CO%, Call Call BTN%, Cold Call SB%, Cold Call BB%, Cold Call 3-Bet%, Cold Call 4-Bet%, Cold Call vs BTN open%, Cold Call vs SB open%, Cold Call vs CO open%

Of course the new HUD Designer as well:

new poker hud

Huge Speed Improvements for Reports

About a 8-10x speed improvement for all stat reports. A complete re-optimization that you’ll notice when switching between reports.


Full Release notes:

  • Added ACR SnG 2.0 support
  • New HUD Designer
  • Added new stats:
    Limp EP%
    Limp MP%
    Limp CO%
    Limp BTN%
    Limp SB%
    Cold Call EP%
    Cold Call MP%
    Cold Call CO%
    Call Call BTN%
    Cold Call SB%
    Cold Call BB%
    Cold Call 3-Bet%
    Cold Call 4-Bet%
    Cold Call vs BTN open%
    Cold Call vs SB open%
    Cold Call vs CO open%
  • Fixed stats issue w/ IP/OOP (e.g. Cold Call IP, Cold Call OOP)
  • Added preferred seating button on HUD screen
  • Fixed date sorting for session and tournaments reports
  • Added migration which rebuilds player stats to see the proper value of these new stats (it’s possible to skip it)
  • Added Rebuild button to general settings which rebuilds player stats
  • Added Recover button to general settings which recovers backup version of stats if rebuild function produced some issues
  • Fixed PS importing issue when mucked cards weren’t imported
  • Added Equity Win % to hand replayer
  • Added functionality of buttons P F T R and go to end
  • Fixed issues in omaha calculator
  • Fixed issues in quick filter
  • Fixed the issue when tournaments data wasn’t shown if filter was selected
  • Optimized all reports and charts
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