This past weekend we had a major issue with a license server we’ve used for the last 7 years without issue. We had to set a new license server up, and restore from backups. The license server went back online yesterday, and the trial license will be working again with the next build. The good news is that all trial licenses were reset! So if you had a trial you have an additional 30 days to use DriveHUD.

Thanks for your patience in this matter, and we setup a couple of extra precautions to avoid this in the future. There honestly isn’t much we could have done about this one, but we have some extra things in place to make recovery even quicker next time, but hopefully it’s something we never had to deal with again. The team did amazing though and worked their butts off all weekend to get everything back and running. They are a very talented and dedicate crew!

If you had a trial license, and needed to restart it, then you just need to download the latest build and re-install and you’ll be all set again. You can get the latest version from here:

Download drivehud Trial

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