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A new auto update was posted yesterday (2/20/19), and we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the cool new features and functions. Sometimes change logs in software can get quite long, and it’s difficult to know what the cool new features are. So here’s a few of them from the recent v1.6.0.2754 build of Drivehud:

new features

  1. Tag last 3 hands when playing. You can now tag the last 3 hands that were played for review though the DH logo on table or with hotkey CTRL+T. This is handy when multi-tabling and you aren’t 100% sure which of the hands you needed to have tagged because you were moving across multiple tables. When the hands are tagged, they’ll then be added to FOR REVIEW tag to be easily accessible after your session.
  2. Hotkeys in the hand re-player. You can now move through the hands with your arrow keys or go back.
  3. Min BB filter added to re-player. You can set this to any amount so your hands at the bottom of the re-player can play your entire session or just big pots, or just pots that likely went to flop.
  4. You can rotate your HUD position one place to the left or right on table now.
  5. Full export of any hands will work with nearly all 3rd party apps and databases. Just right click on a report or session and select – export for 3rd party apps.
  6. You can now save your HUD position in the replayer – long over due on this one.
  7. Add ability to launch DrivehudEQ from the replayer. Just to make the review process that much smoother.
  8. Full Poker Baazi support is now in there.

Much more is in there too… that’s just some of the highlights.

DriveHUD Official release update – v1.6.0.2754 (posted as current auto update)

• Added PokerBaazi support
• Added Export for 3rd party apps function
• Added possibility to select FC/C/VB/Bluff for each combo in DHEQ
• Auto-range in DHEQ will select FC/C/VB/Bluff for each combo
• Added Min BB filter to replayer
• Added Tag last 3 hands ability to HUD
• Added hotkey (Ctrl+T) to tag last 3 hands
• Added ability to save HUD position in replayer
• Added hotkeys to replayer (left, right, up, down arrows)
• Added equity calculator button to replayer
• Added last 24 hours to data freshness options
• Added HUD rotation ability to replayer
• Added Call 3-Bet stats
• Added HUD rotation ability
• Improved Player Profile Icon selection algorithm
• Removed filtering session hands in replayer by vpip
• Fix for PK update
• Fixed PS.India issues
• Fixed the issue when Adda52 hands weren’t imported
• Added new Adda52 tables: PLO Joint, PLO Adda, PLO Raiders, PLO Crushers
• Fixed issue with Adda52 tables: PLO Summer, PLO Score
• Fixed an issue when PLO Grande table wasn’t detected in Adda52
• Fixed the issue when heat maps attached to popup stats had no data
• Fixed the issue when Hero’s heat maps had no data
• Fixed the issue in WPN Jackpot buy•in detection
• Fixed the issue when stake filter wasn’t available in some cases
• Fixed the issues in Fold to 3-Bet in EP/MP/CO/BTN vs SB (rebuild is required)
• The width of table on HUD tab is based on screen resolution.
• Fixed the issue in preferred seating settings (in some rare cases it applied -1 even if setting wasn’t set)
• Fixed multiple issues in DHEQ
• Fixed the issue when rebuilding process fails if hand has no bb
• Fixed the issues in hero/opponent position filters
• Fixed BBs based filters
• Fixed installer issues
• Fixed short deck equity in replayer
• Adjusted bb/100 graph
• Fixed PK short deck position issues (rebuild is required)
• Fixed Cold Call 3/4-Bet stats
• Fixed Limp Re-Raise column in report
• Fixed 4-Bet vs Blind 3-Bet column in report
• Fixed Check River on BX Line stat
• Fixed issue when players between and stake filter might not work if all 6-max or all full-ring position are selected
• Fixed the issue when BOL table isn’t detected if process name is different from GameClient
• Fixed PB issue when table wasn’t detected if its name has extra spaces at the end
• Fixed the issue when DH doesn’t detect PK table sometime
• Added missing Check/fold flop when 3-betting OOP and Check/fold flop when PFR OOP to the dashboard
• Adjusted bb/100 graph
• Fixed performance issue in bb/100 graph
• Fixed player notes in replayer
• Fixed issues in OD and 3FF bumper stickers
• Fixed the issue when Advanced filter didn’t work if tournament tab was selected initially
• Fixed an issue when PS Zoom hands couldn’t be tagged
• Fixed positional PFR stats
• Fixed crash when active player was being changed while replayer is loading HUD
• Fixed an issue when HUD position in replayer wasn’t saved sometimes
• Fixed RiverCallEffeciency stat
• Expiring message will be shown in 10 days before the expiration date (was 30)
• Fixed the issue when the currency of TheSpartanPoker tournaments was detected as USD
• PK/PPP hands will be exported as single xml file per session
• Fixed the issue when scrollbar wasn’t visible in filter popup sometimes
• Fixed the issue when chips stack was too high in replayer
• Removed limitation to show only last 30 hands in replayer for tournaments
• Fixed an issue when HUD wasn’t updated if some stat was removed from selected stats w/o designer mode
• Fixed the issue when rebuilding fails if SB,BB,ante are equal to 0 at the same time
• Added on board categories to showdown hand reports and fixed issues with 3 of kind categories
• Fixed the issue when PS SNG results weren’t imported correctly

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