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DriveHUD is proud to announce its official partnership with GTOx.

Here’s a quick video showing DriveHUD and GTOx in action — how you can improve at poker using nothing but DriveHUD2, to diagnose your leaks, and GTOx, to find remedies for these leaks.


About GTOx

GTOx is a web-based application that provides cloud-based, nash-equilibrium solving for the most popular no-limit hold’em formats, including Heads-Up, Full Ring, Cash, MTT, and Spins. GTOx is comprised of four components, the GTOx Solver, the GTOx Blueprint, GTOx Reports and GTOx Solutions.

With GTOx’s precise cloud computations, you can

  • Upload Hand History
  • Analyze in the Cloud
  • Find Your Leaks
  • View Pre-calculated Reports and Solutions

Want to maximize the efficiency of your study time WHILE retaining the expected value (EV) from the solved strategies?

Then check out GTOx.


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