We’ve added some new poker graphing if you haven’t noticed. The default dashboard graphs are slightly different. Now you can graph by total hands, by month, year, BB and $. We’ve also added some new line graphs in showdown (SD), non-showdown winnings (NSD), and Expected value (EV). If you click the pop-out icon on the left hand side of the graphing, you’ll get a bigger expandable pop-out graph with some more graphing options.

Line bar graph

You can now graph showdown and non-showdown winnings per month. You can graph by EV difference per month, and by cash and tournament game type results by month.

Pie Graph

You can quickly see your biggest losing and winning hands in the new pie chart graph. You can also graph money won by position at the table, as well as graphing when your most profitable hours of the day are to play.


We’ll be adding some more graphing options to these charts soon as well. And if you have any suggestions, let our staff know! Enjoy.


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