GTO Series Part 3: Comparing My Play to a GTO BOT

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Video#3 – Comparing My Play to a GTO BOT


In this installment, the Finding Equilibrium creator reflects on his recent poker challenges and the role of luck in the game. He emphasizes the importance of remaining vigilant and disciplined, even in the face of setbacks. Here are the key points covered in the video:

  • The Role of a HUD: Our host introduces the concept of a HUD (Heads-Up Display) and explains its significance in online poker. HUDs allow players to track and analyze their gameplay data, providing insights that can be crucial for improvement.
  • Identifying Imbalances: The video highlights the value of HUDs in pinpointing structural imbalances in a player’s game. By analyzing your own stats, you can identify areas where you might be making mistakes or deviating from GTO play.
  • The Challenge of Achieving Perfect GTO Play: The video also touches upon the challenge of achieving a perfect equilibrium strategy. It’s unrealistic to expect any player, even the best in the world, to play a perfectly balanced game.
  • Defensive Use of HUDs: The host discusses the two main ways to use a HUD: offensively and defensively. For the purposes of this series, they focus on the defensive use, which involves identifying holes in your own game that opponents could exploit.
  • Blind vs. Blind Scenarios: Our host recognizes the importance of blind vs. blind scenarios and the potential for errors in these situations. He acknowledges that these are areas where improvement is needed.

In conclusion, our “Mastering Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Strategy” video series is a comprehensive guide to poker theory and GTO play. We believe that beginners and intermediate players can benefit immensely from understanding the foundational principles of GTO before diving into complex exploitative strategies.

Stay tuned for more exciting content in our series, and don’t forget to watch the third video to gain insights into the world of HUDs and self-improvement in poker.


P.S. For more context on how this series came to be, you can also check out our previous blog: GTO for beginners – GTOX & DriveHUD video series

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