New in DriveHUD 2: Hand Viewer, Specific Holecards Filter, Prizes List and more!

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Hand Viewer

You can now view a hand like the one you see in PokerStars. Simply right-click a hand then select View Hand.

(1) Open replayer and replay this hand.
(2) Export this hand.
(3) Hand’s game type and date.
(4) Position for each player.
(5) Player names.
(6) Player stacks in money units.
(7) Player stacks in big blinds.
(8) Cards dealt to each player.
(9) Street name.
(10) How each player acted and amount put.
(11) Equity win for each player.
(12) Street’s cards.
(13) Equity win for each run or board.
(14) Amount won by player/s.


Specific holecards filter for Holdem

There are 2 new buttons – Specific cards and Reset cards.

The “Specific Cards” button opens a popup that displays a list of all cards. In the popup, you will find “Save” and “Reset” buttons, allowing you to select 1 or 2 cards. When you click “Save,” the Hole Cards filter in DriveHUD will be updated or created accordingly. DriveHUD will then only display hands that match the specified cards.

The order of the cards is not important. For example, if you select “KcTs,” all hands with “KcTs” and “TsKc” as hole cards will be included. To remove this filter, simply click the “Reset Cards” button.

If you have selected a range in addition to specific cards, DriveHUD will use an “OR” condition. For instance, if you have chosen “7c7d” as specific cards and “AKs” in the range filter, DriveHUD will display hands with “7c7d” hole cards, as well as hands that fall within the “AKs” range.


Specific holecards filter for Omaha

We have introduced a new filter called “Specific Hole Cards” in the list of filters. This filter includes a “Select” button. When you click on the “Select” button, DriveHUD will open a popup displaying a list of all cards. In this popup, you will find “Save” and “Reset” buttons, allowing you to select anywhere from 1 to 6 cards.

By clicking “Save,” DriveHUD will update the list of cards in the new “Specific Hole Cards” filter. To add the selected hole cards to the main filter, you need to click on this item. The order of the cards is not important. For example, if you select “KcKs8dQh,” all hands that contain these cards in any order will be selected.

Please note that if you select 4 cards, DriveHUD will also select hands for 5 Cards Omaha and 6 Cards Omaha that contain these 4 cards. If you want to exclude 5 Cards Omaha or 6 Cards Omaha hands, you need to use the standard filters where you can filter the data by game type.

Additionally, please be aware that when applying the Omaha hole card filter, DriveHUD uses an “AND” condition. For example, if you specify hole cards without pairs and also select the 2 pairs filter, no data will be found.


“X” wildcard support for cards to custom stats/custom filter queries

We have added the “X” wildcard to custom stats and custom filter queries. The “X” represents any rank or any suit. Please note that you still need to use 2 characters to specify a card. In this scenario, any card can be represented as “Xx”. For example, “TcXc” represents “Tc” and any card of clubs suit, and “KcQx” represents “Kc” and “Q” of any suit. The order of the cards is no longer important for Hole Cards and Flop cards of Board Cards.

There are a few differences in filtering Hole Cards and Board Cards. For Hole Cards, you must specify the exact number of cards. For instance, if you specify “TxKx”, only Hold’em hands will be selected. If you specify “4x8d7cXx”, only 4 Cards Omaha hands will be selected. For 5 Cards Omaha and 6 Cards Omaha, you need to specify 5 or 6 cards accordingly.

For Board Cards, you need to specify at least 3 cards (flop). For example, “3x8dAc”. The number of cards is important in Board Cards filtering. If you specify 3 cards, only hands where the flop was the last street will be selected. If you specify 4 cards, DH will select hands with the turn as the last street. However, you can also use the ‘+’ symbol if you want to select all hands with a specific flop, regardless of the last street. So, if you specify “3x8dAc+”, DH will select all hands with a flop that matches “3x8dAc” and any turn/river or no turn/river.


“+” symbol support for action lines to custom stats/custom filter queries

We have introduced the ‘+’ symbol to action lines queries. It represents no action, one action, or multiple actions. For example, if you use the query FlopActions = “B+”, DH will select all hands where the Hero made a bet on the flop, followed by any other action(s) or no action at all. For instance, any hand with the flop action lines “BF”, “BRC”, or “B” will match the FlopActions = “B+” query.

If you need to limit the number of actions, you can use the FlopActionsCount = <amount of actions> query.


Prizes list based on selected poker site

ICM calculator comes with 5 pre-configured poker sites but now you can add your own poker site configurations.

With this features, you can configure poker sites, tables, blinds, and prizes. You can also add, edit, and delete poker sites, tables & blind structures for each poker site.

Also, for tables, you can add/delete prizes (as percentages).

Tip: start adding prizes from lower value first going up to higher valued prizes. Each prize added will be deducted from the greatest valued prize.


Restrict players to selected table size

Equity support for multiple runs (or boards) to replayer


More Features Added:

  • Support for SupremaPoker bomb pots
  • Support for X-Poker bomb pots
  • EV Chop support for PPPoker
  • Added translation to integrated AHC and Player X-Ray


Update to the latest version now and try these new features for yourself!


If you have any further questions or need any setup assistance, please contact support from this page:

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