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Just a quick heads up to everyone. Since Ignition has had 4 updates from 8/22/17 – 9/7/17, there’s a couple of important things to understand about future use on Ignition/Bodog/Bovada.

  1. You must make sure that your table is fully loaded before you load your next table. Meaning, your table can’t show 99% loaded. You don’t have to wait for a hand to play, but you have to be able to visually see a table with players on it.
  2. Every time Ignition/Bodog does an update, you’ll likely need to reboot your system. They should be forcing a reboot, because the major change they did was they are using java and embedding their software into chrome. Chrome will not clear it’s cache on updates of software. They should be forcing a reboot on their updates, but they aren’t. So just keep this in mind. We’ve e-mailed them about this.

Thanks for everyone’s patience with all of the updates. We try our best to resolve any of these on sites as quickly as possible, and this was a serious of very unusual and complex updates.


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