With our latest release of Drivehud v1.5.0.2352, we have a new and exciting feature – DrivehudEQ. DrivehudEQ is a GTO style analysis tool that allows you to break down hand ranges for your opponents based on how the hand was played. In beta currently is an automated hand range analysis that will automatically fill in ranges of hands into 4 categories – hands you’d check or fold, hands you’d call with, hands you’d bluff with, and hands you’d value bet or raise with. DrivehudEQ will count up the combos of each of these ranges so you can see if you’re taking a balanced approach based on the bluff you’re trying to make or the hero call you’re considering based on the pot odds.
Generally speaking, you’ll want to have 2 bluffs for every value bet you have on the flop, 1 bluff for every value bet on the turn, and 2 value bets for every bluff you have on the river. Your bet sizing influences how often you should be calling or bluffing with each range of hands. If you’re betting only 1/2 pot on the flop, you can increase the number of bluffs to 3:1 or more.
DrivehudEQ will also display the percentages of each made hand at the top right-hand side of the calculator. Each made hand type displayed by percentage.


To launch DrivehudEQ simply right click on any hand that’s in your hand grid and choose, calculate equity. It will then load up the equity calculator. Select the hand range button for any player that is in the pot, and the above screen will display. You can then manually select each hand group by clicking on the hand group below the DrivehudEQ text. The button will turn the color for that hand range and then click on any hands in the hand grid above. To select a new hand group, click on that hand group below DrivehudEQ again, and then repeat the process. You can also select the AUTO RANGE feature that will place hands into groups automatically based on how the hand was played. This feature is still Beta for the current versions. You can use it as a starting point and then refine the groups from there.
Enjoy.. and happy hand range analysis!
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