New in DriveHUD: Color Tagging, Hotkeys with Custom Hand Tags and More

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With our latest release of DriveHUD Beta v1.6.3.2923 comes a set of exciting features and functionalities to help you in your online poker game! These include color tagging and hotkeys with custom hand tags + other new features. Let’s take a look at them.

Color Tagging

For the color tagging of HUDs, you need to just right-click on any plain text stat box and then select a color. It needs to be a plain stat box, meaning not the 4 color stat boxes. You can tag these on table, or in the hand re-player.

Color Tagging

Hotkeys with Custom Hand Tags

Also, for the new hotkeys w/ the custom hand tags, you can right-click on the drop-down list for tagged hands, or just click the combo box there – and you’ll be able to create a new custom tag and set a hotkey for that tag.

So in game, when you use that hotkey, it will grab 3 hands at once, tag and label them all for later review.

hotkeys with custom hand tags

You can download the latest version here.

Full log of new features

DriveHUD Beta v1.6.3.2923

– Added new HUD config screen option
– Added ability to hide hero hud on table
– Added increase opacity on mouse over option
– Added background color settings for individual stats
– Added custom tagged hand categories
– Added custom hot keys for tagged hand categories
– Added on table HUD color tagging options (right click on plain stat box)
– Added option to hide track conditions meter on table
– Extended HUD label abbreviations to 32 characters

Download DriveHUD Beta v1.6.3.2923

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