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DriveHUD offers some unique default HUD’s for Bodog/Ignition poker. One of the great things about DriveHUD is the flexibility and options for the HUD’s, and we’ll be adding more unique HUD options in the near future as well. If you don’t like the default HUD for Bodog/Ignition which looks like this:

horizontal hud

You can switch it up to a vertical HUD, which looks like this:

vertical hud

The DriveHUD VERT HUD won’t hide the timer, which some people like, and it will allow for more space over your table. To switch to the vertical HUD just go to the HUD tab at the top of DriveHUD. Select DriveHUD VERT from the HUD Screen drop down menu.

If you like the classical HUD view, with just stats overlayed on the table, you can switch to the too. In the same HUD tab window there’s a button at the top right here:

plain poker hud

Then you’ll get the classical HUD layout which looks like this. Just mouse over any stat to see what the stat is and how many times iterations of it have been counted:


And like I said, there’s lots more HUD options coming down the pipe. Enjoy!

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