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Well we promise to bring you a ton of new and exciting HUD’s you can use with DriveHUD. Here’s just another in a long list of ones to come. This is a new poker HUD for no-limit holdem 6-max Cash Games. It can be adapted and used for full ring as well.


Stats in HUD (Color coded ranges)

VPIP / PFR / 3-BET / AGG%   <— general stats

C-bet% / Fold to C-bet% / Raise flop% / Bet/fold flop when PFR   <— flop related stats

Delayed Turn C-Bet% / Double Barrel% / Seen Turn % / Turn AGG%  <—- Turn related stats

Seen River% / River AGG% / TAP% / Hands  <– River related stats


Added Bumper stickers

Checks strong in 3-bet Pots

Calls Flop raised and folds to turn bet



DriveHUD 6-max Cash Advanced HUD

Right click and select save as…

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