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A cool new toy to play around with in DriveHUD is the recently released population analysis report. The data and analysis on your fellow poker players broken down by player type, and poker site, are endless. You can add any filter to setup a situation and analyze deeper into how different players react in various poker situations. Check out the video below for more information:

You can now also export all reports. Just right click on the data in the report, and select export. Files will open in excel, google sheets, and similar programs.

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  • I went to create a new player type. I defined a pfr and vpip and it does not show up when I return to the dashboard. I also thought maybe I should stop & restart HUD, that does not work. I then closed and opened DriveHUD, still didn’t work. Then I tried simply to delete the nutball player type, and that also did not work. I have 34000+ players and only about 1000 are categorized by the preset values. I then tried to redefine “nit” to have wider values of vpip, pfr and 3b and it would not let me click save after I changed the numbers. Please help.

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