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Only a couple of weeks after release we’ve put out an update and including some new features. One of them is the new Track conditions meter, which is a table selection tool:

poker table conditions

People have been asking about this new graphic that’s at the top of their table, so we thought we’d take a second to explain it. Every table has an algorithm, based on the stakes of the table you’re playing, that determines how good the table is running. And by good we mean, how fishy is the damn table? When conditions are at their peak, you’ll see the top track conditions meter getting into the green like below:

great table selection

The higher the average pot size, the VPIP and the lower the 3-betting at the table, the more profitable the table will generally become. The lower the average pot size, VPIP and the higher the 3-bet% is, the lower the meter will get as it gets into orange and eventually red. So keep looking for those tables until you’re fully in the green like below:

table selection tool

And if it drops too much, move on to the next table. There are too many tables to be found and games to play online. Don’t waste your time on a bad table and let the DriveHUD track conditions meter let you know when you’ve got a nice juicy table!

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