6-min Video Demonstrates ‘apestyles’ HUD in Detail (from Jon Van Fleet himself)

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  3. 6-min Video Demonstrates ‘apestyles’ HUD in Detail (from Jon Van Fleet himself)


Many people have been asking for a walk-through of Jon’s MTT HUD. So here’s a video he made for anyone who purchased his HUD and wants to know what to look for.  In this 6-min video, Jon explains his Drivehud 2 HUD, and why he uses the stats he uses.

He goes over row by row and explains detailed info on the most important stats and various pop-ups that he uses a lot plus some common things to check while you’re at it.

Check out this detailed video demo of the HUD


About Jon “Apestyles” Van Fleet

Americas Cardroom pro, Jon “Apestyles” Van Fleet has won over $17 million in lifetime MTT cashes. With a poker career spanning close to two decades, Jon’s accomplishments are lengthy. Yet his most notable accomplishment was becoming the first-ever Partypoker Millions Champion. He walked away with $1,027,000 after crushing the $5 Million GTD online tournament back in 2017. Follow his Twitch stream here.



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Offering over 25 custom pop-ups, including several third-layer pop-ups, RNG’s in most decision level pop-ups, you’ll have all the relevant stat information you need on your opponent’s to reach the best possible conclusion about your opponent’s hand range.


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