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The DriveHUD 2 team just released a new feature that we think you’ll love. You’ll now have the ability to do population range research from within DH2 with just a few clicks.

The ability to input any pre-flop and post-flop scenario and understand if the entire population of your opponents is over/under folding, over bluffing, raising, etc… in any given scenario.

To run, scroll to the right in your reports section and open the tab – Range.
Click the config icon, and you’ll see a scenario pop-up.
Select any pre-flop or postflop action from the menu.

poker population range report

Click on the config icon for any street you’ve defined an action for if you’d like to alter the default bet sizing analysis points.
Select from either of the top pull down menus if you’d like to run on all player types, or specific player types, and posflop position or all.
Add any additional filters from the standard, or advanced tab.
Click Run at the top.

final range report drivehud 2

Give it a run and let us know your thoughts!

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