Poker Filters: Board Texture (DriveHUD 2)


The board texture tab allows you to create any type of flop, turn, or riverboard texture or specific combo. Below is an overview of the board texture filter creation tab:


A) Board Texture Tab – This is the fourth tab from the left of the ‘create filter’ pop-up window.

B) Currently Built Filter – When a filter is created it will display in this box below. You can click on the X in the corner of the filter to remove it, or mouse over the filter to see a full description of the filter.

C) Save Filter Buttons – From here you can Save your currently built filter and name it, Load a filter you created, Apply it to your current data, or Reset (remove) the current filter you created.

C1) Filter or stat building section – You can type in the format for a stat, then you click Save Stat and it will make it available in your reports and your HUD to add. If you create it as a filter, then it will list as a filter you can load

Click here to view the DH2 Filter Language Table.

D) Board Buttons – There are three board buttons, the flop, turn, and river. Click on any of these to bring up board texture options in Section G, and also display specific cards in Section E.

E) Specific Flop – You can click on any of the cards in this section and a pop-up will appear (see below). You can then select any specific combination of cards to run a filter for.

F) Poker Suit Buttons – If you don’t want a specific flop card, you can select a specific suit combination. Just click on the club icon for example, as shown in the overview above, to show a club instead of a specific card.

G) Common Flop Textures Section – In this section, you can select any of the common flop textures, such as Rainbow, for example, and it will add a filter to the currently built filter section (section B). For any of the options that have pulldowns, you’ll need to select your options from the pull-down, and once you have selected from your pull-down options, then click on the filter again to add it to the currently built filter section (section B).