Hand Replayer Interface (DriveHUD 2)

The hand replayer for DriveHUD 2 can be invoked by either double-clicking on any hand that is in the bottom hand grid section, or right-clicking, and selecting replay hand from the menu.

A) Recent Hand List – From the drop down you can quickly go back and view/replay hands you’ve launched during this session of the replayer. Just select the hand and it will load in the replayer.

B) Tools, Forum Export & Notes – From here you can access DriveHUD 2’s built-in tools and export the hand you’re replaying to poker forums. From left to right – Poker Equity Calculator, GTO Style Tools, ICM Calculator, User Created Quiz Generator, DriveHUD Forums, Poker Forum Export and Note.

To add a note about this hand just click on the furthest icon with the paper and pencil and you can write a note about the hand. An icon will then show up in the bottom hands’ grid of DriveHUD 2 anytime the hand is displayed.

C) HUD Stats – This is an overview of the stats your opponent had for the current session or any historical stats you had for them. Mouse over any stat to see what the numbers represent.

D) Bet Amounts – As you replay your hand, chips will be placed on the poker table to represent and show the current bet by the active player.

E) Dealer Button – This is the current position of the player who is the dealer/button for the hand you’re replaying.

F) Hand Replayer Controls – This allows you to play the hand and view it, skip through street by street or go straight to the beginning or end of the hand. The big button in the middle with the play symbol will play the hand at an exact pace. The first button to the right will move all the way to the end of the hand, while the second button from the right will move one action at a time. Conversely on the other side going to the left and out from the play button will go to the beginning of the hand, and the final button on the left will move one action backward for each click.

G) Min. BB Filter  – You can change this amount so that the bottom hands in the replayer, load for that session/ tournament based on how many are set. It will show only these hands where hero’s absolute value of netwon >= value set in the filter. So both positive and negative amounts will be selected. If it’s set to 6, and there are hands where you won >=6 or you lost >=6 then these hands will be shown at the bottom.


H) Replayer Steet Buttons – Each of these buttons will skip to a specific street in the hand. The P, will forward to action pre-flop, the F, will go to the flop. The T, will go to the turn, and the R, will go to the river.

I) Big Pots Session Buttons – Each hand you load will also load all of the biggest hands you played for the session related to that hand. It will list these at the bottom of the replayer. All hands will be listed in big blinds. The biggest hands will be listed in RED, the medium size pots will be listed in orange, and small pots will be listed in green. Any pot that is 7 BB’s or larger that you were involved in will be listed here. You can click on any of them to load them in the replayer and review them.

J) Replayer Position Slider – This is the current position that the hand is in during your review/replay. You can move the slider to the left or to the right to quickly move to another position in the hand.