Player X-Ray Profiles (DriveHUD 2)

The profiles menu allows you to create or edit existing profiles. Profiles are sets of notes that were created from the notes menu. The following is an overview of how to use the profiles section of Player X-Ray.

A) Profiles menu – This section allows you to open a list of existing profiles, edit them, create new ones, or delete existing profiles.

B) Profiles list – This is where the current list of profiles is shown. To edit a profile, or see what notes exist in it, highlight that profile and the list of notes will be shown in Section C.

C) Notes list – This is the complete list of notes that exist in Player X-Ray. From here you can highlight notes, and add them to the currently selected (highlighted) profile by double-clicking the note or clicking on the right arrow key from (D).

D) Add remove note – When the right arrow is clicked, this will add the currently selected note from Section C to Section E. If you highlight a selected note from Section E and click the left arrow key, it will remove the note for that profile.

E) Selected Notes – This is the complete list of notes that are included in the currently selected note profile from Section B. You can double-click on any note in this section to remove it, or select the left arrow key from D, to remove a note. Once a note is removed, it can be added back into that same profile again.

F) Add Profile – Clicking this menu option will allow you to create a new profile. A pop-up menu will appear asking you for the new profile name. Enter it and click SAVE to create a new note profile.

G) Edit Profile – This option allows you to edit the profile name.

H) Delete Profile – By clicking this you will be asked if you’re sure you’d like to delete the currently selected note profile from Section B. By clicking yes, it will remove the entire profile. Once this is deleted it cannot be restored.