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The game of poker is evolving at a great speed. As the game evolved quickly from a casino table to online platforms, so many software packages came along the way. They were meant to assist the players in making their game better. Today, we talk about the free Poker HUD software; the types of software packages that are available in the market and how do they actually help online poker players in getting better game results.

Free Poker Hud Software

We will be sure talking about HUDs, and some other types of popular software types that are in use by most of the online poker players.  Although there are hundreds of software types, and within each type, there are hundreds of varieties, we will talk about some tips and tricks to choose the free poker HUD software that are better and reliable among the many available options.

Types of Free Poker Software

free poker hud software

As one dives into the deep sea of online poker, he will come across hundreds of online tools and applications. If you are a new poker player, you can get confused with deciding for which tool to use as per your skill level and game type requirements. To help you get over this confusion, we have categorized all the tools and software available over the internet into the following types.  Apart from a few variations and new additions most of the free poker hud software falls under these categories.


HUDs (Heads Up Displays) are software packages that display important information and statistics over the screen on which you are playing.  These statistics about your opponents help you take better decisions while you play.  Most of the HUDs are customizable and you can choose what information to display and in what manner so that it becomes easier for you to assess the displayed information without disturbing your gameplay.

Poker Databases

Poker databases are poker platforms where the history of all the online poker players is stored. On these poker databases, you can track your total earnings throughout your online poker career. You can also track the game history, earnings, and game history of your opponents. Poker databases are the sources from where HUDs retrieve the information and display it on your game screens.

Multi-table assistants

Multi-table assistants, as the game suggests help players layout multiple game tables efficiently. Some of these assistants come with extra features such as auto-sizing of the bet amounts with a single click button.

Hand-sharing platforms

These are sites where online poker players share their hand history with other players and seek their opinion. These platforms are a great source to get useful tips and information on better gameplay.


Most of the free poker hud software fall under the categories mentioned above. Some of these software types also come with extra features such as equity calculators and chip managers.  As an online poker player aspiring to win big, it is important to use these software tools.  Deciding which software tool is better is not the right approach as every software tool has its own importance. A prudent poker player uses a mix of these tools based on the given situation and game requirements.



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