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Countless HUDs in the market yet not a single one that displays the statistics and gives you options the way you like them? This is where custom HUDs come into play. Custom HUDs are the type of HUDs that you could design yourself with the help of a HUD designer. This enables you to add and arrange your required statistics in the order you prefer. Moreover, this enables you to add or remove HUD options according to your preferences.

Custom HUDs VS. Default HUDs

Custom HUDs

If you are new with HUDs, many professional poker players would advise you to stick with the default HUDs. The reasons for this are obvious; first, the default HUDs have all the statistics and options on the display that any poker player of any level needs in the game. Second, default HUDs are easier to manage and you can get instant assistance if you face any problem using default HUDs.

On the other hand, using custom HUDs are more challenging, especially at the start because as the HUD is designed by you, you are on your own to manage it and do the troubleshooting in an event of a problem with the HUD.

Buying Custom HUDs VS. Building HUDs Yourself

Many companies offer to design custom HUDs for you according to your requirements and preferences. This is a better option than creating a HUD yourself as the work is done in a professional manner and you can always ask for support if you face any problem.

With that said, creating a custom HUD on your own has always its positives; you have complete freedom to add the features and stats on your HUD. Also, you can arrange and rearrange the display of the stats anytime you want.  You can add/delete the overall rules that operate the HUD.  Apart from the features and stats that HUDS provide, the color and appearance of the HUD are also important to every player. You obviously don’t want your HUD to look exactly the same as your opponent. You can play with the body size, color schemes of the body, and the color schemes of the stats without any hesitation.  Once you do all the customizations, you can proudly flaunt your custom HUD among your peers and on online forums.

Build Custom HUDs on DriveHud

With an easy to use HUD designer at DriveHUD, you can build a custom HUD of your own in a matter of a few minutes. Customized HUDs are all about fulfilling your game preferences; they give you all the tools that you love to play with. The HUD designer created by DriveHUD managers addresses all your needs and wants.

Being professional poker players themselves, the creators of DriveHUD’s HUDs designer know the exact ingredients to create great custom HUDs. That is the reason why they have provided all the tools and options for the users which they can use in creating their own HUDs.

Want to create your own HUDs? Learn how to make one here.  You can always get in touch with DriveHUD support if you face any problem while creating your personal HUD.



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