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DriveHud is always a step ahead in developing awesome poker tools for online poker players.  Now you can play with more control by availing the tools available at DriveHud. The Hand equity calculator is one of the finest software for poker player that facilitates them throughout the whole game sessions. When you install and embed this software with your game, you will instantly see improved results; courtesy to this cool software. There are few unique features of the software which will surely increase your learning about winning aspects of the game. You must try a free trial of this software. Here are some of the advantages for you.

hand equity calculator

Working with the hand equity calculator

When you are connected to the internet and you also have Hand equity calculator installed on your computer. You can use the software whenever you want now. It will automatically start when the game starts. You have to purchase the software if you want to use this. Real-time software is not free of cost you have to pay them always. Poker calculator is also costly to some extent but facilitates you a lot also. On the other hand, we have to tell you that this software is just for your help. It will facilitate you through the game by all means but it will never play any game on your behalf. You can just take help if you say that it should play then it is difficult for any software to work for you.

Light in MBs

Much software available online which are very heavy in weight and your computer gets heavy if you install them. The computer may hang up when you install this software and you have to uninstall the software for better usage of the computer. When we talk about hand equity calculator this is very light weight software. Never burden your computer you can easily keep it with you where ever you go. This is also available in the portable version. This is the best part of the software. Although you have to think a lot when you are installing any of the poker-related software as this is the problem of your money.

How you can use the software

When you are playing a poker game online. You have many hands which you do not know about you also do not know the opponents and deal of the game. When you get this understanding your games become the end and the chances of loss increase. This software is very helpful for you when you are playing online. This will clearly tell you about your positions and deals which are available online this is the best tool. You are clear now you can play the game with ease. When you are playing any of the poker game online this software automatically starts its working. This is a plus for you if you are fed up with software which gets installed but never runs automatically. When you install the manual software you need to on that before every game which is a difficult task.