How do you use HUD stats in poker?

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How do you use HUD stats in poker?

If you are starting to take your online poker game seriously and want to improve your chances of winning, you will need a good poker HUD. But before investing on a Poker HUD, you should know how do you use HUD stats in poker. Because, without enough knowledge about good poker stats, you won’t be able to decide which poker HUD is best for you. And you might end up buying a HUD that creates more mess than helping you win more.

What are HUD stats?

HUD stats are all kinds of information that poker sites store while you play different online poker games. This includes tracking your wins and losses, and also other information about your game decisions and moves.

So how do you use HUD stats then in poker?

how do you use hud stats in poker

When you use a poker HUD, it fetches all the information about you and your opponents from different poker sites. It then processes that information and converts them into different types of numbers and percentages.  These stats are called HUD stats. These stats show the trends that you and your opponents follow while playing. Whether your opponent likes to take risks or he plays safely and plays by whatever is in his hands. These HUD stats become very handy while playing against a competitive and seasoned player and helps you understand him beforehand.

Understanding HUD stats and making decisions accordingly improves your chances of winning. It is important to note that only buying a good poker HUD doesn’t guarantee a win, it mostly depends on how do you use HUD stats in poker games online.  Hence, it depends on how well you can read the stats, and how well you use your intuition to manipulate those stats in your favor.

Reading poker HUD stats

In a previous article, we have explained some of the important poker HUD stats that any poker player using a poker HUD must understand well.  Poker HUDs can be categorized into two types, pre-flop stats, and post-flop stats. Some of the main pre-flop stats are VPIP%, 3b%, PFR%, and F3; whereas, some main post-flop stats are AG, CB, 2B, and WTSD%. You can read in detail about these stats here.

Importance of a good sample size for getting good HUD stats

One of the most important components of understanding the HUD stats is getting an idea of the sample size upon which these HUD stats are based. The sample size is simply the number of hands your opponents have played. Some of the stat types vary considerably with every hand played while others take hundreds of hands to show a major hand. Hence, without a proper sample size, you cannot completely rely on the HUD stats that you get.


How do you use HUD stats in poker? First of all, you should know how to read a HUD that shows different HUD stats. Secondly, you should make sure that the sample size of the poker stats is proper. And last but not the least, rely more on your game experience and intuition!