What are good HUD stats?

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What are good HUD stats?


As online poker gets more competitive, it becomes more important to use tools such as Poker HUDs that assist you in increasing your winning ratio.  Before choosing on a HUD, it is good to ask what are good HUD stats that help you most in a poker game.  Also, which poker HUDs give you those stats in an easy-to-use manner.

These two questions are very important because you don’t want to waste money on a HUD that doesn’t give you the stats that you need the most. Moreover, if a HUD does give those stats, the HUD itself should be easy to use and the stats should be easy to comprehend so that you don’t spend much time trying to understand the HUD stats and focus more on the game and the moves of your opponents.


What are good Poker Stats to track?

What are good hud stats

Although it is important to be able to study all the stats available on your HUD, you should have an idea about what are good hud stats that really make a difference and help you perform better, which are: VPIP%, FC, AG, F2, and WTSD. Each stat is explained briefly in the sections below.



VPIP% is an average number of times a player chooses to voluntarily put in his money in the pot. If you use a HUD, you would normally see VPIP% in the ranges of 20 and 25. If one or more of your opponents have VPIP between 20 and 25, you can assume that your opponent plays in a balanced manner.  VPIP% less than 20% indicates that your opponent plays tight and aggressive while a higher VPIP% indicates that your opponent is a defensive one. VPIP is one of the good poker stats that indicate your opponent’s playing style.

FC (Flop Continuation)

It is the number of times your opponent folds to flop continuation bets.  A higher number indicates that your opponent doesn’t like playing with lower chances whereas a lower FC number indicates that he usually prefers to play with marginal chances. If you study the FC in conjunction with VPIP, you get to see the overall game style of your opponent. Here are some common situations you can face during a poker game.

High VPIP and low FC: Your opponent will do a lot of flops and turns so you will have to play accordingly.

Normal VPIP and low FC: You will need other statistics such as pop-up stat and bet-when-checked stat to get an overall idea.

Normal VPIP and High FC: You are facing a player who is not very consistent and loves to experiment.



This is the number of times your opponent folds to the second barrel. A high F2 suggest that your opponent doesn’t like to continue without a strong hand after calling pre-flop and flop.


AG is the aggression factor that indicates the rate of aggression shown by your opponent(s). An Aggression Factor below or above 1-3 would mean that your opponent is too defensive or aggressive respectively.



This stat is the percent of times your opponent chooses to showdown after seeing the flop. The normal ranges fall between 20-30%


As we got an idea of what are good hud stats, it is advisable to have a good grip on each poker HUD stat. As a competitive online poker player, you should know how to read every poker statistic so that you could make better decisions based on correct stat readings.