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Holdem Manager is an online poker platform that provides gaming tools and software for online poker players.  Holdem Manager HUD is one of the many software packages that Holdem Manager platform offers.  Today, we will talk a little about the latest version of the Holdem Manager, which is Holdem Manager 2. Also, we will talk about the effectiveness of the first HM HUD. Is it good for all types of online players? Or are there any exceptions? Let’s see!


Holdem Manager HUD

A HUD is the most important tool that any Poker player can have while playing online poker matches.  As an online poker player, your HUD becomes your most lethal weapon, especially as you progress up the levels of professional gameplay.  As you move up, you face better players who have better game plans and employ better strategies. Hence, without a HUD, it is very difficult for a player to win more no matter how genius of a player he is.

Holdem Manager has been one of the earliest and one of the most widely used online poker platforms.  The Holdem Manager HUD, just like any other HUD, helps poker players in knowing their opponents well by getting their game history.


Holdem Manager 2

Holdem Manager 2 is a new and upgraded version of its predecessor Holdem Manager. As mentioned earlier, Holdem Manager is one of the first and most widely used online poker platforms. Here, poker players of all levels and types come to play online poker and get tools and software related to poker. The Holdem Manager 2 has many added features as compared to its previous version. The total number of features is almost doubled; most of the previous features have been upgraded to comply with the latest online game arena.


Who Should Use Holdem Manager HUD?

Holdem Manager HUD

While the Holdem Manager HUD managers claim that their HUDs can be used by players of all types, it is important to understand that every HUD has its specialty and target market.  From the features and looks, it looks more suitable for experienced players; who have had enough experience to understand the complexities of Poker software.  For newbies, a HUD like that of DriveHUD can be a good start.  Even if you are an experienced poker player who hasn’t used a HUD yet, you should start from a HUD; that is fairly easy to use and doesn’t have complex features that are usually designed for more seasoned players.

Once you get used to the HUD software and feel confident that you can use a HUD with more complex features, you can easily switch to a more advanced HUD.



If you are a newbie to the world of online poker and if you haven’t put your hard-earned money yet, we highly suggest you try Poker software such as DriveHUD. This will help you get used to the ever challenging and highly competitive world of online Poker.  However, if you are a lover of high risks, you can consider using a reliable Holdem Manager HUD while you play.