Online Poker Player Stats and Winning

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Ever wonder why great poker players got to their winning ways. A simple answer would be to get the best online poker player stats and enhanced skills. Anything is easier said than done when it comes to poker, as everyone who has ever played poker knows. Fortunately, there are steps to learning the way to success in online poker and they are:

Online Poker Player Stats

The first step any player must take when they are entering an online poker room is installing the best poker software and collect online poker player stats. As Sun Tzu said “Every battle is won before it is ever fought”, you need to have information about your opponents so you can have an edge. The statistics will lead you towards a winning strategy and you can have the upper hand even before the game begins.

online poker player stats

Know the Cards

Selecting the right cards to play is the base of any online poker game. Standard poker table has 10 spots and depending on which spot you are on the table you have to adjust the hand you will play. If you are close to the button, you should be playing more hands.


After you know which hands to play, you should turn your focus on playing them correctly. You shouldn’t be predictable in any way if you raise every time preflop and be aggressive, even an amateur player would be able to catch the tell. They would definitely exploit this weakness. You should be able to make the moves without telegraphing them; disguising your hands should be your number one priority.

Right Game

Whether you want to admit it or not, playing against amateurs is more fun than you would like to admit. It’s like taking candy from a baby. You should look for some signs when selecting the game:

  • What type of players are involved
  • How many hands are being played?
  • Have you played with any of the players before?

These are the most basic things to look for, there are many others and some of them you cannot control. Beware, you shouldn’t be overconfident when entering a game. Stay vigilant and make sure that you don’t let your guard down.

Adjust Your Game

The most crucial mistakes that poker players make is not adjusting their game to their opponents’. Make real use of the poker software and the statistics it is giving you and adjust your playing style according to the type of hands your opponent is playing. Look for how aggressively or passively they are playing and then you can set a trap and reap the benefits.

Keep it Simple

Never get stressed out when you are playing online poker. Keep the analyzing part of your brain on and don’t let any situation overwhelm you. When it’s your turn to play the hand, stop worrying about the clock and play the hand you want in the way you want.

If you abide by the aforementioned points and make use of a poker software when playing online poker, there isn’t a pot in the world that you cannot win.