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    How do I show rake in a report?

    ^ The workaround in this knowledge base link to show how much we’ve lost to Rake is flawed (using Rakeback set to 100%). This will show how much we’ve contributed towards the site’s rake overall (including in pots we didn’t win). This is useful when calculating Rakeback from the site’s perspective, but not useful when calculating how much we’ve actually lost to Rake (i.e. only in pots we did win).


    These stats are calculatable via Custom stats:

    Rake = Sum(Wonhand * HandRakeInCents / 100)

    Rake bb/100 = Sum(Wonhand * HandRakeInCents / 100 / BigBlind ) / Count(NumberOfPlayers > 0) * 100


    Could you update your knowledge base? And also consider including these as first class Stats?

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