How do I show rake in a report?

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How do I show rake in a report?

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1) First, click on the settings button at the top right-hand side of any page in Drivehud 2.

2) Click on the Rakeback tab, And click Add. Next do the following:

3) Enter a name for your Rake. Select a player name you want to assign your rake to from the pull down menu. Enter 100 as the percentage, and select a date when you’d like the rake to begin tracking (Put the date of your first imports unless you don’t want it to show for all of your hands). Click OK, and then OK again.

rake poker

4) Select a report you want to add your rake stats into (Sessions report is shown above). Right click on the column header of the report (as shown in Up arrow). You’ll get the edit / create new Drivehud 2 report pop-up.

5) Enter Rakeback into the search box. Once located, drag and drop the rakeback stat to the selected columns section and click Apply.

That’s it. You’ll see your rake, listed as rakeback in the report going forward.