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Red Dragon HUD: Information and setup


Another Asian branch of the Chinese poker room that has made its way into the online poker platform for its flawless operation and simple and intuitive design is none other than Red Dragon. It has gained popularity both in the Asian world and abroad and is officially allowed for citizens of any country. But like most Asian poker apps, the most efficient analysis of your game and your opponent’s strategies can be done through the means of Red Dragon HUD.


This poker tracking catcher will not only help you boost your earnings on the Red Dragon Platform but also help you make better decisions to remain competitive. However, setting up and running the Red Dragon HUD can sometimes be a task. Keep on reading to discover the step to step guide to set up your HUD on Red Dragon.

Does Red Dragon Poker support HUDs?


Like most Asian poker applications, Red Dragon Poker room does not prohibit the use of poker trackers. In fact, the application itself has built-in statistics but it supports HUDs to boost its performance and maintain a fun and competitive environment for the poker players. To simply import statistics into the trackers and use its HUD at tables, you can choose one of the hand converters.

Red Dragon HUD on DriveHUD

Red Dragon HUD

For DriveHUD, there is an add-on application available that enables its users to track hands on the Red Dragon app and run a HUD. The name of this application is The Red Dragon HUD Catcher which works on the Red Dragon application through the use of an android or iOS emulator. It will track the observed tables and the game you’re playing including the cash and tournaments.

How to Set Up Red Dragon Card Catcher on DriveHUD

In order to set up and run the Catcher HUD on DriveHUD, you need to load an emulator. Most emulators have been tested in conjunction with DriveHUD and they seem to work fine.

Steps to run an emulator

  • Download the version of the emulator for DriveHUD that you’d prefer. There are various options to choose from such as NOX, MEmu, and Leiden emulators.
  • Click install on your selected emulator
  • Download the Red Dragon Poker Apk
  • Once the download is complete, drag the apk into the emulator to initiate the installation
  • After Red Dragon Poker is successfully installed, click the Launch tab
  • Register your account and you’re ready to play your game


After the successful installation of the emulator, you can begin launching your HUD for Red Dragon on DriveHUD by following the steps below.

Steps to launch HUD for DriveHUD users

  • Load the Red Dragon Catcher
  • Wait until you play at least one full hand before your HUD will appear.
  • Once the HUD loads up, you will have to select your database
  • Select DriveHUD as your default database
  • Click on Settings and enable or change some of the important options according to your preference; such as Automatic Updates, Advanced Logging, Disable Warnings, and Use Player
  • And you’re ready to go!


Now that you know how to set up and run your HUD for Red Dragon, get ready to magnify your earnings and experience a thrilling game brimming with competition and excitement.