Poker HUD is a great tool for online poker players who want to boost their winning ratio by knowing their opponents better.  Whether you are new to the world of online poker, or an old player not very used to the poker software, this post will guide you about how a poker HUD can help you get your desired results in any poker game.

Poker HUD Defined

We will start by a simple definition of PokerHUD, and then we will move on to explain how poker HUDs are helpful to you in making better decisions.

What is Poker HUD?

Poker HUD

A poker HUD is a software tool/application that runs along with your poker table while a game is on and displays important information and statistics about your opponent players. This information includes the track record of your opponents and their hand history.   Make one thing clear here that this HUD is not an auto-pilot software that does everything on its own.  Actually, it’s a co-pilot that runs while you play a poker match and displays some important information over your screen next to your opponents’ names.

How a HUD Works?

As soon as you start playing and activate your poker HUD, the HUD starts working right away and shows the required information next to each opponent. They work by retrieving player information from Poker databases. Now, what are poker databases? Poker databases are the player records that all the poker websites keep when poker players go on these sites and play matches.  A HUD runs through these databases to find the information and game history of your opponents. The information when found is sorted and displayed on your screen next to each player.

How Poker HUD Helps Make Better Decisions?

When you know about your opponents, you have an upper hand over them already. You know how they normally play their hands; either they are aggressive, or they wait for your moves. You also know about their winning records. All such information gets you in a position where you take calculated decisions.  In simple terms, you can exploit the weak points of your opponents using this HUD.

The effectiveness of a HUD increases as you increase the number of tables. When you play a single table, it’s quite easy to judge the attacking or defensive strategy of your opponents. However, while playing multiple tables, it is hard to keep your head clear and focus on the opponents’ movements.  No matter how many tables you are playing at a time, your HUD keeps a keen eye on all of your opponents and provides you with all the necessary information about them.


If you are playing serious online poker, poker HUDs are more of a necessity than a choice. They not only provide you with important information about your opponents but also assist you in making better game decisions. Moreover, the more tables you play, the more effective a HUD gets in retrieving all the required information.  A Poker HUD helps you win more.