Understanding Online Poker Player Tracker Statistics

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If you are an old hand at poker, you may assume that you will do just as well on the online poker playing sites. That will not be the case because you will not be able to rely on observations and tells anymore. To circumvent this shortcoming, you will require an online poker player tracker.

The software will help you with all the things that you will not be able to observe; through statistics about your hands and your opponents’. The only learning curve will exist in understanding the statistics that are displayed on the online poker player tracker.

online poker player tracker

Online Poker Player Tracker Statistics

First thing will be to download and install the best poker software and see the HUD or the heads up display. You will see many different types of stats when you open the HUD which will confuse you at first, but no need to panic these stats are there to help you. All you need to do is interpret them correctly and here is how you can do that with the most popular statistics.


The VPIP percentage is when an opponent is putting in cash inside the pot, because of different reason. This stat shows how freely or tightly the player is playing his hands. A low VPIP percentage means that a player is playing very tightly.


Whenever an opponent raises just prior to a flop is counted in the PFR. The PFR percentage is directly related to the VPIP percentage, in fact, the gap between these two percentages is what gives you the information you require. The larger the gap, the more likely the player is to cold call.

Fold to 3-bet

Your opponent may fold his three bets and that is what is recorded in this stat. You can use this stat to know when you should call prior to flop.  An opponent with a high F3-bet percentage, you can place three bets with wide values against them.


This is the aggression of the opponent you are playing. A low AG score says that a player bluffs less and you will need a good hand against them, a high score, on the other hand, means you can get by with less.


WTSD shows your opponent’s affinity to showdown after the flop. Low percentage in this stat shows that your opponent tends to fold before a showdown or he can make other players fold before a showdown.

Fold to C-Bet

This shows the number of times your opponent folds on the continuation bets placed. A low number means that the opponent is more likely to call on flops. You have to use this stat with the VPIP percentage to get a real measure of your opponent’s game.

There are some other stats present on your HUD, but the aforementioned stats are the most important ones for you. However, you will have to look at all the stats in conjunction to really make a difference in your game. Just one single stat won’t do, consider everything and you will learn your opponent’s tendencies and counter them effectively.