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Have you downloaded a poker stat tracker? If you have, then you may be confused by all the stats that you see on your screen. Fret not, after reading the information below there won’t be any confusion left about the types of statistics that you are viewing.

There are mainly two types of statistics displayed on the HUD in a poker stat tracker; pre-flop and post-flop. In these two categories, there are a number of other stats that you need to learn about. The information will be brief but it will deliver the meaning appropriately.

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Poker Stat Tracker: Pre-flop Stats

  • Voluntarily putting money in the pot or VPIP is the stat that tells you whether your opponent is a loose or tight player. It is made up of a number of factors like when he raises pre-flop, cold calls, etc.
  • PFR stands for pre-flop raise and it is easy enough to understand. It covers all the raises that your opponent makes before flop.
  • The 3b is 3-bet and when the opponent raises twice before the flop the stats are kept in this category.
  • F3 is kind of like the opposite of the 3b stat. It shows how many times your opponent folds on the 3-bet, hence the ‘F’ in front of the 3.

Post-flop Stats

  • In poker stat tracker software AG stat denotes the aggression factor of your opponent. Passive players, who have low AG score, are less likely to bluff. Aggressive players, who have a high AG score, are more likely to bluff.
  • Won money at showdown or WTSD is the stat that shows you how many times the opponent folds or influences others to fold right before a showdown.
  • A continuation bet is denoted by CB on your HUD and it represents the bets that the player makes on the flop.
  • 2B or the second barrel stat is recorded for the move your opponent makes pre-flop raise when a bet of theirs is called.
  • Flop continuation, FC, is when the opponent folds to flop any bets made on continuation.
  • F2 is the representation for the move when the opponent folds to any player’s or yours second barrel move.

Stats Usage

Once you have gone to your favorite online poker website, the software should pop open on its own and you will have the display of HUD on your screen. Now that you have the information you need about the stats that are represented on the screen, the next step is using these statistics.

The most important thing to remember here is that you can’t rely on any one or two stats, no matter what anyone tells you. The only way to improve your online poker game is by using a combination of all the statistics to gauge what your opponent is doing. The goal here is to use the information to gain an edge over your competition and the only way to do that is by looking at all the hands they have played and the moves they have made. Remember all the stats and what they represent, keep an eye on the opponent and predict what they will do next and get the best profit possible.



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