How do I setup a HUD for America’s Card Room (ACR)?

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How do I setup a HUD for America’s Card Room (ACR)?

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To run a HUD on America’s Cardroom with DriveHUD 2, the following needs to be done including enabling hand histories on America’s Card Room Client:

1. Click on the SETTINGS button icon at the top right-hand side of DriveHUD 2.


2. Click on the SITE SETTINGS tab in the settings window.

3. From the drop-down menu shown below, select – Winning Poker Network.

4. Make sure that the hand history location is set to the following:

C:\ACR Poker\HandHistory

C:\ACR Poker\TournamentSummary


5. If for some reason your HUD still won’t appear, then select the Hand History folders and delete them.


6. Next, click on Auto Detect to set the correct path.


7. Alternatively, you can manually add the hand history location. To do this,  click Add and Set the locations to C:\ACR Poker\HandHistory and C:\ACR Poker\TournamentSummary.


8. Make sure that the Activate/Deactivate button is GREEN. If it’s RED, click it so it turns GREEN.


9. Click on APPLY.


Note: You need to wait for one full hand to be played before the HUD will appear. Also, Observed hands are not allowed on WPN / ACR.


Enable Hand Histories on America’s Card Room

America’s Card Room (The Winning Poker Network) client will automatically save hand histories to a designated directory on your hard drive. You need to make sure this is enabled in order for DriveHUD 2 to pick up the hands, launch a HUD, and save your hand histories in its database.

To see where your hand histories are stored for American’s Card Room (WPN), do the following:

1. From America’s Card Room lobby, click on Settings -> Hand Histories.

2. Please note the default location where American’s Card Room (WPN) is saving your hand histories under Destination Folder.



If you still don’t have a HUD running on there for any reason, simply click on the headset/support looking icon at the top right-hand corner of DriveHUD 2. Put your name and e-mail and a message that you’re having difficulty and make sure to have the attach log button checked. Our support staff will respond promptly and get you up and running.


If you have any further questions or need any setup assistance, please contact support from this page: