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To run a HUD on Black Chip Poker with DriveHUD 2 you only need to do the following:


1) Click on the SETTINGS button icon at the top right-hand side of DriveHUD 2.

2) Click on the SITE SETTINGS tab in the settings window.

3) From the drop-down menu shown below, select – Winning Poker Network.

4. Make sure you have a hand history location showing, similar to above, or click the AUTO DETECT button to add your hand history folder location.

5. Click on APPLY.



If you don’t have a HUD running on there for any reason, simply click on the headset/support looking icon at the top right-hand corner of DriveHUD 2. Put your name and e-mail and a message that you’re having difficulty and make sure to have the attach log button checked. Our support staff will respond promptly and get you up and running.

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