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How do I create custom stats?

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If there’s not a pre-defined stat you need in Drivehud 2, don’t worry. You can create any kind of stat you need with the custom stat creation language. To create a custom stat, do the following:

custom poker stat

From any menu screen, click on the FILTERS pull down menu and select CUSTOM STATS.

Once the custom stat pop-up appears, click on the ADD button.

add custom poker stat

Under DETAILS, give your new stat a name by filling in the name section.

At the bottom under DATA TYPE, select either Percentage, Number or Money.

Percentage = Drivehud 2 is going to do a calculation and return the answer as a percentage (This is generally the default used for most stats). Note: You don’t need to add a multipler of 100, DH will do it automatically

Number = This is the same as percentage, but it will just return it as a raw number.

Money = This is going to return a calculation as a money.  It can be a number with decimal point, but it will be shown in reports as money like NetWon and similar stats.

In the EXPRESSIONS box is where you’ll enter your Drivehud 2 expression to generate your calculation. Start by entering Count( if you’re using a percentage expression,and then the rest of your expression. As you enter information, Drivehud 2’s help system will assist in completing your expression. Once you are done, click SAVE. Your new stat will then be available in all reports and can be added to any HUD. Below are some examples of common expressions:

RFI Preflop CO Count(FirstRaiser = yes and Position = CO) / Count(IsUnopened = yes and Position = CO)
Called 3-Bet from BTN Count(Position = BTN and Calledthreebetpreflop = yes) / Count(Position = BTN and Facedthreebetpreflop = yes)
X/C Flop Count(FlopActions = “XC”) / Count(FlopActions = “XC” or FlopActions = “XR” or FlopActions = “XF”)
X Turn and opponent overbets turn Count(CheckTurn = yes and TurnFacingBetSizeToPot > 1) / Count(CheckTurn = yes and FacedBetOnTurn = yes)

Below is a list of the MOST COMMONLY used expressions in DriveHUD 2 and a description of what they are:

Term Frequency Description
Position 306 Hero’s position
PreflopActions 181 Hero’s preflop actions (e.g. “RF”, “RC”)
StackInBBs 121 Initial stack size in BBs
FlopActions 112 Hero’s flop actions (e.g. “XF”, “XC”, “BF”)
TurnActions 91 Hero’s turn actions (e.g. “XF”, “XC”, “BF”)
PreflopFacingAction 88
Action that is faced by Hero on preflop (Unopened, Limper, MultipleLimpers, Raiser, RaiserAndCaller, RaiserAndMultipleCallers, ThreeBet, FourBet, FiveBet, WalkHand)
In3BetPot 83 Indicates whenever preflop is 3-bet pot
IsSRP 81 Indicates whenever preflop is a single raised pot
RiverActions 66 Hero’s river actions (e.g. “XF”, “XC”, “BF”)
IsWalkHand 56 Indicates the situation where everyone folds on preflop except BB
IsUnopened 55 Indicates whenever Hero faces unopened pot on preflop
NoRaisePossible 51 Indicates whenever Hero can’t raise due to insufficient stack or when everybody except Hero folds or goes all-in
OpenRaisePreflopInBBs 48 Hero’s open preflop raise amount in BBs
Flopcontinuationbetmade 33 Indicates whenever Hero does a Flop C-Bet
DidPFR 32 Indicates whenever Hero raises preflop
DidThreeBet 32 Indicates whenever Hero does a 3-Bet on preflop
CouldThreeBet 30 Indicates whenever Hero has an opportunity to do a 3-Bet on preflop
TurnInPosition 27 Indicates whenever Hero is in position on Turn
Foldedtofourbetpreflop 26 Indicates whenever Hero folds to a preflop 4-Bet
Flopcontinuationbetpossible 25 Indicates whenever Hero has an opportunity to do a Flop C-Bet
Facedfourbetpreflop 25 Indicates whenever Hero faces a preflop 4-Bet
Facingturncontinuationbet 24 Indicates whenever Hero faces a Turn C-Bet
FirstRaiser 23 Indicates whenever Hero is a first raiser on preflop
FacingRiverBet 23 Indicates whenever Hero faces a bet on River
FacedSqueeze 22 Indicates whenever Hero faces a squeeze on preflop
Rivercontinuationbetmade 22 Indicates whenever Hero does a River C-Bet
OpenShove 21 Indicates whenever Hero opens shoving on preflop
DidTurnBet 20 Indicates whenever Hero does bet on turn
RiverInPosition 20 Indicates whenever Hero is in position on River
Turncontinuationbetmade 20 Indicates whenever Hero does a Turn C-Bet
RiverBetToPotRatio 19 Hero’s river bet to pot ratio (Bet amount / Pot on river)
Facingflopcontinuationbet 19 Indicates whenever Hero faces a Flop C-Bet
FlopInPosition 18 Indicates whenever Hero is in position on Flop
FirstRaiserPosition 18 Position of the first raiser on preflop
LimpFaced 18 Indicates whenever Hero limps and then he faces an action
PostAmountPreflopInCents 17 Total Hero’s post amount on preflop in cents (small blind, big blind, straddle, dead blind, ante etc.)
OpenRaisePreflopInCents 17 Hero’s open preflop raise amount in cents
StartingStackInCents 17 Initial stack size in centes
FoldedToRiverBet 16 Indicates whenever Hero folds to a bet on river
Turncontinuationbetpossible 16 Indicates whenever has an opportunity to do a Turn C-Bet
Rivercontinuationbetpossible 15 Indicates whenever has an opportunity to do a River C-Bet
PreflopAggressorPosition 14 Position of the last raiser on preflop
NumberOfActivePlayersOnFlop 14 Number of active players on flop (active player is a player who can act on flop)
RiverFacingBetSizeToPot 14 Opponent’s River Bet Size to River Pot Size
Wonhand 14 Indicates whenever Hero won the hand
Sawshowdown 14 Indicates whenever Hero saw a showdown
AnteInCents 14 Ante in cents
Foldedtoflopcontinuationbet 13 Indicates whenever Hero folds to Flop C-Bet
FlopFacingBetSizeToPot 13 Opponent’s Flop Bet Size to Flop Pot Size
Foldedtothreebetpreflop 13 Indicates whenever Hero folds to preflop 3-Bet
Didfourbet 13 Indicates whenever Hero does a 4-Bet on preflop
DidRiverBet 12 Indicates whenever Hero does a bet on river
Facingrivercontinuationbet 12 Indicates whenever Hero faces a River C-Bet
RiverOutOfPosition 12 Indicates whenever Hero is out of position on river
TurnOutOfPosition 12 Indicates whenever Hero is out of position on turn
SawFlop 11 Indicates whenever Hero saw the flop
CouldTurnBet 11 Indicates whenever Hero has an opportunity to bet on turn
FlopOutOfPosition 11 Indicates whenever Hero is out of position on flop
DidFlopBet 10 Indicates whenever Hero does a bet on flop
CouldRiverBet 10 Indicates whenever Hero has an opportunity to bet on river
FacedBetOnTurn 10 Indicates whenever Hero faces a bet on turn
DidCheckFlop 10 Indicates whenever Hero checks the flop as the first action
StealMade 10 Indicates whenever Hero steals on preflop
ProbeBetTurn 10 Indicates whenever Hero does a probe bet on turn
Foldedtoturncontinuationbet 9 Indicates whenever Hero folds to Turn C-Bet
Wonshowdown 9 Indicates whenever Hero saw a showdown and won the hand
DidFlopCheckRaise 9 Indicates whenever Hero check-raises the flop
No4BetPossible 9 Indicates whenever Hero can’t 4-Bet on preflop due to insufficient stack or when everybody except Hero folds or goes all-in
FacedThreeBetIP 8 Indicates whenever Hero faces a 3-Bet on preflop in position
Couldfourbet 8 Indicates whenever Hero has an opportunity to do a 4-Bet
CouldProbeBetTurn 8 Indicates whenever Hero has an opportunity to do a probe bet on the turn
CalledFacedSqueeze 7 Indicates whenever Hero faces a squeeze on preflop then calls it
Facedthreebetpreflop 7 Indicates whenever Hero faces a 3-Bet on preflop
FacedDelayedCBet 7 Indicates whenever Hero faces a delayed C-Bet on turn
FoldedToDelayedCBet 7 Indicates whenever Hero folds to a delayed C-Bet on turn
FacedProbeBetTurn 7 Indicates whenever Hero faces a probe bet on turn
FoldedToProbeBetTurn 7 Indicates whenever Hero folds to a probe bet on turn
FoldedFacedSqueeze 7 Indicates whenever Hero faces a squeeze on preflop then folds
CouldRaiseTurn 7 Indicates whenever Hero has an opportunity to raise on the turn
DidRaiseTurn 7 Indicates whenever Hero raises on the turn
ReraisedFacedSqueeze 7 Indicates whenever Hero faces a squeeze on preflop then raises it
NumberOfPlayers 6 Number of players when hand starts
PreflopAggressorFlopRelativePosition 6 Relative position of preflop aggressor on the flop (possible values 1 and higher, 1 means that preflop aggressor acts first on the flop)
FlopRelativePosition 6 Hero’s relative position on the flop (1 means that hero acts first on the flop)
BoardCards 6 Board cards
Raisedflopcontinuationbet 6 Indicates whenever Hero faces a Flop C-Bet then raises it
CouldFlopCheckRaise 6 Indicates whenever Hero has an opportunity to check-raise the flop
Totalamountwonincents 6 Hero’s won amount in cents
DidFlopDonkBet 6 Indicates whenever Hero does a donk bet on the flop
LimpCalled 6 Indicates whenever Hero limps, then he faces an action on his limp and then he calls
LimpFolded 6 Indicates whenever Hero limps, then he faces an action on his limp and then he folds
LimpReraised 6 Indicates whenever Hero limps, then he faces an action on his limp and then he raises
SawRiver 6 Indicates whenever Hero saw the river
SawTurn 6 Indicates whenever Hero saw the turn
DidRaiseRiver 6 Indicates whenever Hero raises on the river (R or XR)
TurnBetToPotRatio 5 Hero’s turn bet to pot ratio (Bet amount / Pot on turn)
NumberOfPlayersOnFlop 5 Number of players on the flop (including players who went all-in on preflop)
BTNOpenShoveUOPot 5 Indicates whenever Hero opens shove unopened pot on BTN position
BTNShoveOverLimpers 5 Indicates whenever Hero opens shove when he faces one or more limpers on the preflop on BTN position
FacedFlopCheckRaise 5 Indicates whenever Hero faces check-raise on the flop
FacingFlopDonkBet 5 Indicates whenever Hero faces donk bet on the flop
Calledrivercontinuationbet 5 Indicates whenever Hero calls River C-Bet
FacingRiverDonkBet 5 Indicates whenever Hero faces donk bet on the river
FacingTurnDonkBet 5 Indicates whenever Hero faces donk bet on the turn
COOpenShoveUOPot 5 Indicates whenever Hero opens shove unopened pot on CO position
COShoveOverLimpers 5 Indicates whenever Hero opens shove when he faces one or more limpers on the preflop on CO position
DidTurnDonkBet 5 Indicates whenever Hero does a donk bet on the turn
DidRiverDonkBet 5 Indicates whenever Hero does a donk bet on the river
EPOpenShoveUOPot 5 Indicates whenever Hero opens shove unopened pot on EP position
EPShoveOverLimpers 5 Indicates whenever Hero opens shove when he faces one or more limpers on the preflop on EP position
Faced5Bet 5 Indicates whenever Hero faces 5-Bet on the preflop
FoldedTo5Bet 5 Indicates whenever Hero folds to 5-Bet on the preflop
MPOpenShoveUOPot 5 Indicates whenever Hero opens shove unopened pot on MP position
MPShoveOverLimpers 5 Indicates whenever Hero opens shove when he faces one or more limpers on the preflop on MP position
NoRiverFirstRaisePossible 5 Indicates whenever Hero can’t raise on the river due to insufficient stack or when everybody except Hero folds or goes all-in

Complete list of all terms:

Allin Predefined values None, Preflop, Flop, Turn, River
AnteInCents Number
BBOpenMinraiseUO Boolean
BTNDefendedRaiseFromCO Boolean
BTNDefendedVsCOSteal Boolean
BTNFacingCOSteal Boolean
BTNFacingRaiseFromCO Boolean
BTNFoldedRaiseFromCO Boolean
BTNFoldedVsCOSteal Boolean
BTNOpenMinraiseUO Boolean
BTNReStealVsCOSteal Boolean
BTNReraisedRaiseFromCO Boolean
BetAmountFlopInBB Number
BetAmountFlopInCents Number
BetAmountPreflopInBB Number
BetAmountPreflopInCents Number
BetAmountRiverInBB Number
BetAmountRiverInCents Number
BetAmountTurnInBB Number
BetAmountTurnInCents Number
BetFlopCalled3BetPreflopIp Boolean
BetFlopWhenCheckedToIn3BetPot Boolean
BetFlopWhenCheckedToSRP Boolean
BetFoldFlopPfrRaiser Boolean
BetRiverWhenCheckedToIn3BetPot Boolean
BetRiverWhenCheckedToSRP Boolean
BetTurnWhenCheckedToIn3BetPot Boolean
BetTurnWhenCheckedToSRP Boolean
BigBlind Number
BigBlindInCents Number
Bigblindstealdefended Boolean
Bigblindstealfaced Boolean
Bigblindstealfolded Boolean
Bigblindstealreraised Boolean
BiggestOpponentStackSizeInBBs Number
BoardCards Text
CBetThenFoldFlopSRP Boolean
COOpenMinraiseUO Boolean
Call3BetBTN Boolean
Call3BetCO Boolean
Call3BetEP Boolean
Call3BetIP Boolean
Call3BetMP Boolean
Call3BetOOP Boolean
Call3BetSB Boolean
Call4BetBB Boolean
Call4BetBTN Boolean
Call4BetCO Boolean
Call4BetEP Boolean
Call4BetIP Boolean
Call4BetMP Boolean
Call4BetOOP Boolean
Call4BetSB Boolean
CallAmountFlopInBB Number
CallAmountFlopInCents Number
CallAmountPreflopInBB Number
CallAmountPreflopInCents Number
CallAmountRiverInBB Number
CallAmountRiverInCents Number
CallAmountTurnInBB Number
CallAmountTurnInCents Number
CalledBTNStealInBB Boolean
CalledBTNStealInSB Boolean
CalledCOStealInBB Boolean
CalledCOStealInSB Boolean
CalledCheckRaiseVsFlopCBet Boolean
CalledFacedRaiseFlop Boolean
CalledFacedRaiseRiver Boolean
CalledFacedRaiseTurn Boolean
CalledFacedSqueeze Boolean
CalledFlopContinuationBetFromFourBetPot Boolean
CalledFlopContinuationBetFromThreeBetPot Boolean
CalledStealInBB Boolean
CalledStealInSB Boolean
CalledTurnBetWhenCheckedFlopAsPfr Boolean
CalledTurnCheckRaise Boolean
Calledflopcontinuationbet Boolean
CalledflopcontinuationbetIP Boolean
CalledflopcontinuationbetOOP Boolean
Calledfourbetpreflop Boolean
Calledrivercontinuationbet Boolean
Calledthreebetpreflop Boolean
Calledturncontinuationbet Boolean
CanBetWhenCheckedToFlop Boolean
CanBetWhenCheckedToRiver Boolean
CanBetWhenCheckedToTurn Boolean
CashOutInCents Number
CashoutDiff Number
CashoutDiffInCents Number
CheckFlop Boolean
CheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToRiverBetIP3BetPot Boolean
CheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToRiverBetIPSRP Boolean
CheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToRiverBetOOP3BetPot Boolean
CheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToRiverBetOOPSRP Boolean
CheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToTurnBetIP3BetPot Boolean
CheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToTurnBetIPSRP Boolean
CheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToTurnBetOOP3BetPot Boolean
CheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToTurnBetOOPSRP Boolean
CheckFoldFlop3BetOop Boolean
CheckFoldFlop Boolean
CheckFoldFlopPfrOop Boolean
CheckFoldRiver Boolean
CheckFoldTurn Boolean
CheckRaiseFlopAsPFR Boolean
CheckRaisedFlopCBet Boolean
CheckRiver Boolean
CheckToTurnCBet Boolean
CheckTurn Boolean
CheckedCalledRiver Boolean
CheckedCalledTurnWhenCheckedFlopAsPfr Boolean
CheckedFoldedRiver Boolean
CheckedFoldedToTurnWhenCheckedFlopAsPfr Boolean
CheckedRiverAfterBBLine Boolean
CheckedThenFacedBetOnRiver Boolean
Could3BetInStraddle Boolean
Could4BetInStraddle Boolean
Could4BetVsBlind3Bet Boolean
Could5Bet Boolean
Could5BetIP Boolean
Could5BetOOP Boolean
CouldActInStraddle Boolean
CouldBetFlopCalled3BetPreflopIp Boolean
CouldBetFlopWhenCheckedToIn3BetPot Boolean
CouldBetFlopWhenCheckedToSRP Boolean
CouldBetFoldFlopPfrRaiser Boolean
CouldBetRiverOnBXLine Boolean
CouldBetRiverWhenCheckedToIn3BetPot Boolean
CouldBetRiverWhenCheckedToSRP Boolean
CouldBetTurnWhenCheckedToIn3BetPot Boolean
CouldBetTurnWhenCheckedToSRP Boolean
CouldCBetThenFoldFlopSRP Boolean
CouldCallFlopFoldTurn Boolean
CouldCheckFlop Boolean
CouldCheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToRiverBetIP3BetPot Boolean
CouldCheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToRiverBetIPSRP Boolean
CouldCheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToRiverBetOOP3BetPot Boolean
CouldCheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToRiverBetOOPSRP Boolean
CouldCheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToTurnBetIP3BetPot Boolean
CouldCheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToTurnBetIPSRP Boolean
CouldCheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToTurnBetOOP3BetPot Boolean
CouldCheckFlopAsPFRAndFoldToTurnBetOOPSRP Boolean
CouldCheckFoldFlop3BetOop Boolean
CouldCheckFoldFlopPfrOop Boolean
CouldCheckRaise Boolean
CouldCheckRaiseFlopAsPFR Boolean
CouldCheckRaiseFlopAsPFRIn3BetPot Boolean
CouldCheckRaiseFlopAsPFRInSRP Boolean
CouldCheckRaiseFlopCBet Boolean
CouldCheckRiverAfterBBLine Boolean
CouldCheckRiverOnBXLine Boolean
CouldCheckTurn Boolean
CouldCold4Bet Boolean
CouldColdCall3Bet Boolean
CouldColdCall3BetInBB Boolean
CouldColdCall3BetInBTN Boolean
CouldColdCall3BetInCO Boolean
CouldColdCall3BetInMP Boolean
CouldColdCall3BetInSB Boolean
CouldColdCall4Bet Boolean
CouldColdCall4BetInBB Boolean
CouldColdCall4BetInBTN Boolean
CouldColdCall4BetInCO Boolean
CouldColdCall4BetInMP Boolean
CouldColdCall4BetInSB Boolean
CouldColdCallBB Boolean
CouldColdCallBN Boolean
CouldColdCallCO Boolean
CouldColdCallEP Boolean
CouldColdCallFourBet Boolean
CouldColdCallMP Boolean
CouldColdCallSB Boolean
CouldColdCallThreeBet Boolean
CouldColdCallVsOpenRaiseBtn Boolean
CouldColdCallVsOpenRaiseCo Boolean
CouldColdCallVsOpenRaiseSb Boolean
CouldDelayedTurnCBet Boolean
CouldDelayedTurnCBetIP Boolean
CouldDelayedTurnCBetIn3BetPot Boolean
CouldDelayedTurnCBetIn4BetPot Boolean
CouldDelayedTurnCBetInSRP Boolean
CouldDelayedTurnCBetOOP Boolean
CouldDoubleBarrel3BetPot Boolean
CouldDoubleBarrel Boolean
CouldDoubleBarrelIP Boolean
CouldDoubleBarrelOOP Boolean
CouldDoubleBarrelSRP Boolean
CouldFloatFlop Boolean
CouldFloatFlopThenBetTurn Boolean
CouldFloatRiver Boolean
CouldFloatTurn Boolean
CouldFlopBet Boolean
CouldFlopCheckBehind Boolean
CouldFlopCheckCall Boolean
CouldFlopCheckRaise Boolean
CouldFlopContinuationBetMWIP Boolean
CouldFlopContinuationBetMWOOP Boolean
CouldFlopDonkBet Boolean
CouldFoldBBvsSBSteal Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInBTNvs3BetBB Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInBTNvs3BetSB Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInCOvs3BetBB Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInCOvs3BetBTN Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInCOvs3BetSB Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetBB Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetBTN Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetCO Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetMP Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetSB Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInMPvs3BetBB Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInMPvs3BetBTN Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInMPvs3BetCO Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInMPvs3BetSB Boolean
CouldFoldTo3BetInSBvs3BetBB Boolean
CouldFourBetBB Boolean
CouldFourBetBN Boolean
CouldFourBetCO Boolean
CouldFourBetEP Boolean
CouldFourBetIP Boolean
CouldFourBetMP Boolean
CouldFourBetOOP Boolean
CouldFourBetSB Boolean
CouldFourBetSuccessIP Boolean
CouldFourBetSuccessOOP Boolean
CouldLimpedPotFlopStealIP Boolean
CouldOpenLimp Boolean
CouldOpenLimpBTN Boolean
CouldOpenLimpCO Boolean
CouldOpenLimpEP Boolean
CouldOpenLimpMP Boolean
CouldOpenLimpSB Boolean
CouldOvercallBTNStealInBB Boolean
CouldProbeBetRiver Boolean
CouldProbeBetTurn Boolean
CouldRaiseFlop Boolean
CouldRaiseFlopCBetIn3BetPot Boolean
CouldRaiseLimpers Boolean
CouldRaiseLimpersBB Boolean
CouldRaiseLimpersBN Boolean
CouldRaiseLimpersCO Boolean
CouldRaiseLimpersMP Boolean
CouldRaiseLimpersSB Boolean
CouldRaiseRiver Boolean
CouldRaiseTurn Boolean
CouldRiverBet Boolean
CouldRiverCheckRaise Boolean
CouldRiverDonkBet Boolean
CouldRiverFoldIn3Bet Boolean
CouldRiverFoldIn4Bet Boolean
CouldRiverFoldInSRP Boolean
CouldShoveFlopAfter4Bet Boolean
CouldSkipFlopCBetInSRPandCheckFoldFlopOOP Boolean
CouldSqueezeBB Boolean
CouldSqueezeBBVsBTNPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeBBVsCOPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeBBVsEPPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeBBVsMPPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeBTN Boolean
CouldSqueezeBTNVsEPPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeBTNVsMPPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeCO Boolean
CouldSqueezeCOVsEPPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeCOVsMPPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeEP Boolean
CouldSqueezeEPVsEPPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeMP Boolean
CouldSqueezeMPVsEPPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeSB Boolean
CouldSqueezeSBVsCOPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeSBVsEPPFR Boolean
CouldSqueezeSBVsMPPFR Boolean
CouldStabFlop Boolean
CouldStabRiver Boolean
CouldStabTurn Boolean
CouldThreeBet Boolean
CouldThreeBetBB Boolean
CouldThreeBetBBvsBTN Boolean
CouldThreeBetBBvsCO Boolean
CouldThreeBetBBvsEP Boolean
CouldThreeBetBBvsMP Boolean
CouldThreeBetBBvsSB Boolean
CouldThreeBetBN Boolean
CouldThreeBetBTNvsCO Boolean
CouldThreeBetBTNvsEP Boolean
CouldThreeBetBTNvsMP Boolean
CouldThreeBetCO Boolean
CouldThreeBetCOvsEP Boolean
CouldThreeBetCOvsMP Boolean
CouldThreeBetEP Boolean
CouldThreeBetIp Boolean
CouldThreeBetMP Boolean
CouldThreeBetMPvsEP Boolean
CouldThreeBetOop Boolean
CouldThreeBetSB Boolean
CouldThreeBetSBvsBTN Boolean
CouldThreeBetSBvsCO Boolean
CouldThreeBetSBvsEP Boolean
CouldThreeBetSBvsMP Boolean
CouldThreeBetSuccessIP Boolean
CouldThreeBetSuccessOOP Boolean
CouldThreeBetVsSteal Boolean
CouldTotalOverCallSRP Boolean
CouldTripleBarrel3BetPot Boolean
CouldTripleBarrel Boolean
CouldTripleBarrelIP Boolean
CouldTripleBarrelOOP Boolean
CouldTripleBarrelSRP Boolean
CouldTurnBet Boolean
CouldTurnCheckRaise Boolean
CouldTurnDonkBet Boolean
Couldcoldcall Boolean
Couldfourbet Boolean
Couldsqueeze Boolean
Did3BetInStraddle Boolean
Did4BetInStraddle Boolean
Did4BetVsBlind3Bet Boolean
Did5Bet Boolean
DidBetRiverOnBXLine Boolean
DidBetWhenCheckedToFlop Boolean
DidBetWhenCheckedToRiver Boolean
DidBetWhenCheckedToTurn Boolean
DidBluffedRiver Boolean
DidCallFlopFoldTurn Boolean
DidCashout Boolean
DidCheckFlop Boolean
DidCheckInStraddle Boolean
DidCheckRaise Boolean
DidCheckRaiseFlopAsPFRIn3BetPot Boolean
DidCheckRaiseFlopAsPFRInSRP Boolean
DidCheckRiverOnBXLine Boolean
DidCheckTurn Boolean
DidCold4Bet Boolean
DidColdCall3Bet Boolean
DidColdCall3BetInBB Boolean
DidColdCall3BetInBTN Boolean
DidColdCall3BetInCO Boolean
DidColdCall3BetInMP Boolean
DidColdCall3BetInSB Boolean
DidColdCall4Bet Boolean
DidColdCall4BetInBB Boolean
DidColdCall4BetInBTN Boolean
DidColdCall4BetInCO Boolean
DidColdCall4BetInMP Boolean
DidColdCall4BetInSB Boolean
DidColdCallBB Boolean
DidColdCallBN Boolean
DidColdCallCO Boolean
DidColdCallEP Boolean
DidColdCallFourBet Boolean
DidColdCallIp Boolean
DidColdCallMP Boolean
DidColdCallOop Boolean
DidColdCallSB Boolean
DidColdCallThreeBet Boolean
DidColdCallVsOpenRaiseBtn Boolean
DidColdCallVsOpenRaiseCo Boolean
DidColdCallVsOpenRaiseSb Boolean
DidDelayedTurnCBet Boolean
DidDelayedTurnCBetIP Boolean
DidDelayedTurnCBetIn3BetPot Boolean
DidDelayedTurnCBetIn4BetPot Boolean
DidDelayedTurnCBetInSRP Boolean
DidDelayedTurnCBetOOP Boolean
DidDoubleBarrel Boolean
DidDoubleBarrelIP Boolean
DidDoubleBarrelOOP Boolean
DidFlopBet Boolean
DidFlopCheckBehind Boolean
DidFlopCheckCall Boolean
DidFlopCheckRaise Boolean
DidFlopContinuationBetMWIP Boolean
DidFlopContinuationBetMWOOP Boolean
DidFlopDonkBet Boolean
DidFoldInStraddle Boolean
DidFourBetBB Boolean
DidFourBetBN Boolean
DidFourBetCO Boolean
DidFourBetEP Boolean
DidFourBetMP Boolean
DidFourBetSB Boolean
DidOpenLimp Boolean
DidOpenLimpBTN Boolean
DidOpenLimpCO Boolean
DidOpenLimpEP Boolean
DidOpenLimpMP Boolean
DidOpenLimpSB Boolean
DidOpenRaise Boolean
DidPFR Boolean
DidPFRInStraddle Boolean
DidRaiseFlop Boolean
DidRaiseRiver Boolean
DidRaiseTurn Boolean
DidRiverBet Boolean
DidRiverCheckRaise Boolean
DidRiverDonkBet Boolean
DidRiverFold Boolean
DidRiverFoldIn3Bet Boolean
DidRiverFoldIn4Bet Boolean
DidRiverFoldInSRP Boolean
DidSkipFlopCBetInSRPandCheckFoldFlopOOP Boolean
DidSqueeze Boolean
DidSqueezeBB Boolean
DidSqueezeBBVsBTNPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeBBVsCOPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeBBVsEPPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeBBVsMPPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeBTN Boolean
DidSqueezeBTNVsEPPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeBTNVsMPPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeCO Boolean
DidSqueezeCOVsEPPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeCOVsMPPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeEP Boolean
DidSqueezeEPVsEPPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeMP Boolean
DidSqueezeMPVsEPPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeSB Boolean
DidSqueezeSBVsCOPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeSBVsEPPFR Boolean
DidSqueezeSBVsMPPFR Boolean
DidThreeBet Boolean
DidThreeBetBB Boolean
DidThreeBetBN Boolean
DidThreeBetCO Boolean
DidThreeBetEP Boolean
DidThreeBetIp Boolean
DidThreeBetMP Boolean
DidThreeBetOop Boolean
DidThreeBetSB Boolean
DidThreeBetVsSteal Boolean
DidTripleBarrel Boolean
DidTripleBarrelIP Boolean
DidTripleBarrelOOP Boolean
DidTurnBet Boolean
DidTurnCheckRaise Boolean
DidTurnDonkBet Boolean
Didcoldcall Boolean
Didfourbet Boolean
DoubleBarrel3BetPot Boolean
DoubleBarrelSRP Boolean
EPOpenMinraiseUO Boolean
EVDiff Number
EVDiffInCents Number
Equity Number
Faced3BetBTN Boolean
Faced3BetCO Boolean
Faced3BetEP Boolean
Faced3BetIP Boolean
Faced3BetMP Boolean
Faced3BetOOP Boolean
Faced3BetSB Boolean
Faced4BetBB Boolean
Faced4BetBTN Boolean
Faced4BetCO Boolean
Faced4BetEP Boolean
Faced4BetIP Boolean
Faced4BetMP Boolean
Faced4BetOOP Boolean
Faced4BetSB Boolean
Faced5Bet Boolean
FacedBTNStealInBB Boolean
FacedBTNStealInSB Boolean
FacedBetOnFlop Boolean
FacedBetOnRiver Boolean
FacedBetOnTurn Boolean
FacedCOStealInBB Boolean
FacedCOStealInSB Boolean
FacedCheckRaiseVsFlopCBet Boolean
FacedDelayedCBet Boolean
FacedFlopCheckRaise Boolean
FacedHandsUpOnFlop Boolean
FacedMultiWayOnFlop Boolean
FacedProbeBetRiver Boolean
FacedProbeBetTurn Boolean
FacedRaiseFlop Boolean
FacedRaiseRiver Boolean
FacedRaiseTurn Boolean
FacedRiverCheckRaise Boolean
FacedSqueeze Boolean
FacedSqueezeAsColdCaller Boolean
FacedStealInBB Boolean
FacedStealInSB Boolean
FacedThreeBetIP Boolean
FacedThreeBetOOP Boolean
FacedToTurnCBetIn3BetPot Boolean
FacedTurnBetAfterCheckWhenCheckedFlopAsPfrOOP Boolean
FacedTurnBetWhenCheckedFlopAsPfr Boolean
FacedTurnCheckRaise Boolean
Facedfourbetpreflop Boolean
Facedthreebetpreflop Boolean
FacingCBetSRP Boolean
FacingDoubleBarrel3BetPot Boolean
FacingDoubleBarrel4BetPot Boolean
FacingDoubleBarrel Boolean
FacingDoubleBarrelIP Boolean
FacingDoubleBarrelOOP Boolean
FacingDoubleBarrelSRP Boolean
FacingFloatFlop Boolean
FacingFloatRiver Boolean
FacingFloatTurn Boolean
FacingFlopBet Boolean
FacingFlopContinuationBetFromFourBetPot Boolean
FacingFlopContinuationBetFromThreeBetPot Boolean
FacingFlopDonkBet Boolean
FacingFlopThreeBet Boolean
FacingRaiseSizeToPot Number
FacingRiverBet Boolean
FacingRiverDonkBet Boolean
FacingRiverThreeBet Boolean
FacingTripleBarrel3BetPot Boolean
FacingTripleBarrel4BetPot Boolean
FacingTripleBarrel Boolean
FacingTripleBarrelSRP Boolean
FacingTurnBet Boolean
FacingTurnDonkBet Boolean
FacingTurnThreeBet Boolean
FacingUnraisedPreflop Boolean
Facingflopcontinuationbet Boolean
FacingflopcontinuationbetIP Boolean
FacingflopcontinuationbetOOP Boolean
Facingrivercontinuationbet Boolean
Facingturncontinuationbet Boolean
FirstRaiser Boolean
FirstRaiserPosition Predefined values SB, BB, EP, UTG, UTG_1, UTG_2, MP, MP1, MP2, MP3, CO, BTN, Undefined, STRDL
FloatFlopThenBetTurn Boolean
FlopActions Text
FlopAggPossible Boolean
FlopAggressorPosition Predefined values SB, BB, EP, UTG, UTG_1, UTG_2, MP, MP1, MP2, MP3, CO, BTN, Undefined, STRDL
FlopBetSizeMoreThanOne Boolean
FlopBetSizeOneHalfOrLess Boolean
FlopBetSizeOneOrLess Boolean
FlopBetSizeOneQuarterOrLess Boolean
FlopBetSizeOneThirdOrLess Boolean
FlopBetSizeThreeQuartersOrLess Boolean
FlopBetSizeTwoThirdsOrLess Boolean
FlopBetToPotRatio Number
FlopCBetSituation Predefined values NoCBet, CBetPossible, FacingCBet, FacingDelayedCBet, VillainCheckedCBetInPosition, VillainCheckedCBetOutOfPosition
FlopCBetSuccess Boolean
FlopContinuationBetInFourBetPotMade Boolean
FlopContinuationBetInFourBetPotPossible Boolean
FlopContinuationBetInThreeBetPotMade Boolean
FlopContinuationBetInThreeBetPotPossible Boolean
FlopContinuationBetMonotonePotMade Boolean
FlopContinuationBetMonotonePotPossible Boolean
FlopContinuationBetRagPotMade Boolean
FlopContinuationBetRagPotPossible Boolean
FlopFacingBetSizeToPot Number
FlopFacingRaiseSizeToPot Number
FlopInPosition Boolean
FlopOutOfPosition Boolean
FlopPotSizeInBB Number
FlopRaiseSizeToPot Number
FlopRelativePosition Number
FlopSituation DriveHUD.Entities.EnumPostFlopSituation None, FacingCheckRaise, FacingBetRaise, FacingBetCall
FlopStackPotRatio Number
FlopTotalBetsAndRaises Number
FlopTotalCalls Number
FlopTrueAggressionBets Number
Flopcontinuationbetmade Boolean
Flopcontinuationbetpossible Boolean
Flopcontinuationipbetmade Boolean
Flopcontinuationipbetpossible Boolean
Flopcontinuationoopbetmade Boolean
Flopcontinuationoopbetpossible Boolean
FoldBBvsSBSteal Boolean
FoldTo3BetInBTNvs3BetBB Boolean
FoldTo3BetInBTNvs3BetSB Boolean
FoldTo3BetInCOvs3BetBB Boolean
FoldTo3BetInCOvs3BetBTN Boolean
FoldTo3BetInCOvs3BetSB Boolean
FoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetBB Boolean
FoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetBTN Boolean
FoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetCO Boolean
FoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetMP Boolean
FoldTo3BetInEPvs3BetSB Boolean
FoldTo3BetInMPvs3BetBB Boolean
FoldTo3BetInMPvs3BetBTN Boolean
FoldTo3BetInMPvs3BetCO Boolean
FoldTo3BetInMPvs3BetSB Boolean
FoldTo3BetInSBvs3BetBB Boolean
FoldToBTNStealInBB Boolean
FoldToBTNStealInSB Boolean
FoldToCBetSRP Boolean
FoldToCOStealInBB Boolean
FoldToCOStealInSB Boolean
FoldToDoubleBarrel3BetPot Boolean
FoldToDoubleBarrel4BetPot Boolean
FoldToDoubleBarrel Boolean
FoldToDoubleBarrelIP Boolean
FoldToDoubleBarrelOOP Boolean
FoldToDoubleBarrelSRP Boolean
FoldToFlopcontinuationbetIP Boolean
FoldToFlopcontinuationbetOOP Boolean
FoldToSqueezeAsColdCaller Boolean
FoldToStealInBB Boolean
FoldToStealInSB Boolean
FoldToThreeBetIP Boolean
FoldToThreeBetOOP Boolean
FoldToTripleBarrel3BetPot Boolean
FoldToTripleBarrel4BetPot Boolean
FoldToTripleBarrel Boolean
FoldToTripleBarrelSRP Boolean
FoldToTurnCBetIn3BetPot Boolean
FoldedCheckRaiseVsFlopCBet Boolean
FoldedFacedRaiseFlop Boolean
FoldedFacedRaiseRiver Boolean
FoldedFacedRaiseTurn Boolean
FoldedFacedSqueeze Boolean
FoldedFlop Boolean
FoldedTo5Bet Boolean
FoldedToDelayedCBet Boolean
FoldedToDonkBet Boolean
FoldedToFlopCheckRaise Boolean
FoldedToFlopContinuationBetFromFourBetPot Boolean
FoldedToFlopContinuationBetFromThreeBetPot Boolean
FoldedToProbeBetRiver Boolean
FoldedToProbeBetTurn Boolean
FoldedToRiverBet Boolean
FoldedToRiverCheckRaise Boolean
FoldedToTurnBetWhenCheckedFlopAsPfr Boolean
FoldedToTurnCheckRaise Boolean
FoldedTurn Boolean
Foldedtoflopcontinuationbet Boolean
Foldedtofourbetpreflop Boolean
Foldedtorivercontinuationbet Boolean
Foldedtothreebetpreflop Boolean
Foldedtoturncontinuationbet Boolean
FourBetSuccess Boolean
FourBetSuccessIP Boolean
FourBetSuccessOOP Boolean
FourBettorPosition Predefined values SB, BB, EP, UTG, UTG_1, UTG_2, MP, MP1, MP2, MP3, CO, BTN, Undefined, STRDL
GameNumber Text
HandRakeInCents Number
HighestStraddleInCents Number
HoleCards Text
In3BetPot Boolean
In4BetPot Boolean
IsFlopBluff Boolean
IsMonotoneFlop Boolean
IsOpenMinraiseUO Boolean
IsPreflopBluff Boolean
IsRagFlop Boolean
IsRaisedLimpers Boolean
IsRelative3BetPosition Boolean
IsRelativePosition Boolean
IsRiverBluff Boolean
IsSRP Boolean
IsStraddle Boolean
IsTourney Boolean
IsTurnBluff Boolean
IsUnopened Boolean
IsWalkHand Boolean
LimpBTNFacedPFR Boolean
LimpBTNFoldToPFR Boolean
LimpBtn Boolean
LimpCOFacedPFR Boolean
LimpCOFoldToPFR Boolean
LimpCalled Boolean
LimpCo Boolean
LimpEPFacedPFR Boolean
LimpEPFoldToPFR Boolean
LimpEp Boolean
LimpFaced Boolean
LimpFolded Boolean
LimpMPFacedPFR Boolean
LimpMPFoldToPFR Boolean
LimpMade Boolean
LimpMp Boolean
LimpPossible Boolean
LimpPossibleBN Boolean
LimpPossibleCO Boolean
LimpPossibleEP Boolean
LimpPossibleMP Boolean
LimpPossibleSB Boolean
LimpReraised Boolean
LimpSBFacedPFR Boolean
LimpSBFoldToPFR Boolean
LimpSb Boolean
LimpedPotFlopStealIP Boolean
MPOpenMinraiseUO Boolean
MRatio Number
MaxPlayers Number
MaxStreetSeen Predefined values None, Preflop, Flop, Turn, River, Showdown, Summary
MultiWayFlopContinuationBetMade Boolean
MultiWayFlopContinuationBetPossible Boolean
NetWon Number
NetWonHand Number
NetWonHandInBB Number
NetWonHandInCents Number
No3BetPossible Boolean
No4BetPossible Boolean
No5BetPossible Boolean
No6BetPossible Boolean
NoCashOutWonInCents Number
NoFlopFirstRaisePossible Boolean
NoFlopSecondRaisePossible Boolean
NoRaisePossible Boolean
NoRiverFirstRaisePossible Boolean
NoRiverSecondRaisePossible Boolean
NoTurnFirstRaisePossible Boolean
NoTurnSecondRaisePossible Boolean
NumberOfActivePlayersOnFlop Number
NumberOfActivePlayersOnRiver Number
NumberOfActivePlayersOnTurn Number
NumberOfPlayerCashedOut Number
NumberOfPlayers Number
NumberOfPlayersOnFlop Number
NumberOfPlayersOnRiver Number
NumberOfPlayersOnShowdown Number
NumberOfPlayersOnTurn Number
OpenMinraise Boolean
OpenRaisePreflopInBBs Number
OpenRaisePreflopInCents Number
OpenShove Boolean
OvercallBTNStealInBB Boolean
PfrInBb Boolean
PfrInBtn Boolean
PfrInCo Boolean
PfrInEp Boolean
PfrInMp Boolean
PfrInSb Boolean
PfrOop Boolean
PlayedFloatFlop Boolean
PlayedFloatRiver Boolean
PlayedFloatTurn Boolean
PlayerFolded Boolean
Position Predefined values SB, BB, EP, UTG, UTG_1, UTG_2, MP, MP1, MP2, MP3, CO, BTN, Undefined, STRDL
PostAmountPreflopInBB Number
PostAmountPreflopInCents Number
PostFlopRelativePosition Number
PotAfterFlopInCents Number
PotAfterPreflopInCents Number
PotAfterRiverInCents Number
PotAfterTurnInCents Number
PreflopActions Text
PreflopAggressorPosition Predefined values SB, BB, EP, UTG, UTG_1, UTG_2, MP, MP1, MP2, MP3, CO, BTN, Undefined, STRDL
PreflopFacingAction Predefined values None, Unopened, Limper, MultipleLimpers, Raiser, RaiserAndCaller, RaiserAndMultipleCallers, ThreeBet, FourBet, FiveBet, WalkHand
PreflopIP Boolean
PreflopOOP Boolean
PreflopRaisesAmount Number
PreflopTotalCalls Number
PreflopTotalRaises Number
ProbeBetRiver Boolean
ProbeBetTurn Boolean
RaiseAmountFlopInBB Number
RaiseAmountFlopInCents Number
RaiseAmountRiverInBB Number
RaiseAmountRiverInCents Number
RaiseAmountTurnInBB Number
RaiseAmountTurnInCents Number
RaiseSizeToPotPreflop Number
RaisedDonkBet Boolean
RaisedFlopCBetIn3BetPot Boolean
RaisedFlopContinuationBetFromFourBetPot Boolean
RaisedFlopContinuationBetFromThreeBetPot Boolean
RaisedLimpersBB Boolean
RaisedLimpersBN Boolean
RaisedLimpersCO Boolean
RaisedLimpersMP Boolean
RaisedLimpersSB Boolean
RaisedTurnBetWhenCheckedFlopAsPfr Boolean
Raisedflopcontinuationbet Boolean
Raisedfourbetpreflop Boolean
Raisedrivercontinuationbet Boolean
Raisedthreebetpreflop Boolean
Raisedturncontinuationbet Boolean
ReraisedFacedRaiseFlop Boolean
ReraisedFacedRaiseRiver Boolean
ReraisedFacedRaiseTurn Boolean
ReraisedFacedSqueeze Boolean
RiverActions Text
RiverAggPossible Boolean
RiverBetSizeMoreThanOne Boolean
RiverBetToPotRatio Number
RiverCBetSituation Predefined values NoCBet, CBetPossible, FacingCBet, FacingDelayedCBet, VillainCheckedCBetInPosition, VillainCheckedCBetOutOfPosition
RiverFacingBetSizeToPot Number
RiverFacingRaiseSizeToPot Number
RiverInPosition Boolean
RiverOutOfPosition Boolean
RiverPotSizeInBB Number
RiverRaiseSizeToPot Number
RiverRelativePosition Number
RiverSituation Predefined values None, FacingCheckRaise, FacingBetRaise, FacingBetCall
RiverStackPotRatio Number
RiverTotalBetsAndRaises Number
RiverTotalCalls Number
RiverTrueAggressionBets Number
RiverVsBetFold Boolean
Rivercontinuationbetmade Boolean
Rivercontinuationbetpossible Boolean
SBOpenMinraiseUO Boolean
SawFlop Boolean
SawRiver Boolean
SawTurn Boolean
Sawshowdown Boolean
ShovedFlopAfter4Bet Boolean
SmallBlindInCents Number
Smallblindstealattempted Boolean
Smallblindstealdefended Boolean
Smallblindstealfaced Boolean
Smallblindstealfolded Boolean
Smallblindstealreraised Boolean
StabFlop Boolean
StabRiver Boolean
StabTurn Boolean
StackInBBs Number
StartingStackInCents Number
StealMade Boolean
StealPossible Boolean
StealSituation Predefined values NoStealPossible, StealPossible, FacingSteal
StraddleInCents Number
ThreeBetAmountInBB Number
ThreeBetBBvsBTN Boolean
ThreeBetBBvsCO Boolean
ThreeBetBBvsEP Boolean
ThreeBetBBvsMP Boolean
ThreeBetBBvsSB Boolean
ThreeBetBTNvsCO Boolean
ThreeBetBTNvsEP Boolean
ThreeBetBTNvsMP Boolean
ThreeBetCOvsEP Boolean
ThreeBetCOvsMP Boolean
ThreeBetMPvsEP Boolean
ThreeBetSBvsBTN Boolean
ThreeBetSBvsCO Boolean
ThreeBetSBvsEP Boolean
ThreeBetSBvsMP Boolean
ThreeBetSuccess Boolean
ThreeBetSuccessIP Boolean
ThreeBetSuccessOOP Boolean
ThreeBettorPosition Predefined values SB, BB, EP, UTG, UTG_1, UTG_2, MP, MP1, MP2, MP3, CO, BTN, Undefined, STRDL
TimestampUtc System.DateTime
TotalAggressiveBets Number
TotalAmountPutInPotInCents Number
TotalCallAmountOnRiver Number
TotalOverCallSRP Boolean
TotalPot Number
TotalPotInBB Number
TotalWonAmountOnRiverCall Number
TotalWonInBB Number
Totalamountwonincents Number
Totalbets Number
Totalcalls Number
Totalpostflopstreetsplayed Number
Totalrakeincents Number
TournamentId Text
TripleBarrel3BetPot Boolean
TripleBarrelSRP Boolean
TurnActions Text
TurnAggPossible Boolean
TurnAggressorPosition Predefined values SB, BB, EP, UTG, UTG_1, UTG_2, MP, MP1, MP2, MP3, CO, BTN, Undefined, STRDL
TurnBetSizeMoreThanOne Boolean
TurnBetSizeOneHalfOrLess Boolean
TurnBetSizeOneOrLess Boolean
TurnBetSizeOneQuarterOrLess Boolean
TurnBetSizeOneThirdOrLess Boolean
TurnBetSizeThreeQuartersOrLess Boolean
TurnBetSizeTwoThirdsOrLess Boolean
TurnBetToPotRatio Number
TurnCBetSituation Predefined values NoCBet, CBetPossible, FacingCBet, FacingDelayedCBet, VillainCheckedCBetInPosition, VillainCheckedCBetOutOfPosition
TurnContinuationBetWithAirMade Boolean
TurnFacingBetSizeToPot Number
TurnFacingRaiseSizeToPot Number
TurnInPosition Boolean
TurnOutOfPosition Boolean
TurnPotSizeInBB Number
TurnRaiseSizeToPot Number
TurnRelativePosition Number
TurnSituation Predefined values None, FacingCheckRaise, FacingBetRaise, FacingBetCall
TurnStackPotRatio Number
TurnTotalBetsAndRaises Number
TurnTotalCalls Number
TurnTrueAggressionBets Number
Turncontinuationbetmade Boolean
Turncontinuationbetpossible Boolean
VPIP Boolean
VPIPBB Boolean
VPIPBN Boolean
VPIPCO Boolean
VPIPEP Boolean
VPIPMP Boolean
VPIPSB Boolean
WTSDAfterCalling3Bet Boolean
WTSDAfterCalling3BetOpportunity Boolean
WTSDAfterCallingPfr Boolean
WTSDAfterCallingPfrOpportunity Boolean
WTSDAfterNotCBettingFlopAsPfr Boolean
WTSDAfterNotCBettingFlopAsPfrOpportunity Boolean
WTSDAfterSeeingTurn Boolean
WTSDAs4Bettor Boolean
WTSDAs4BettorOpportunity Boolean
WTSDAsPF3Bettor Boolean
WTSDAsPF3BettorOpportunity Boolean
WTSDAsPFROpportunity Boolean
WTSDInStraddle Boolean
WTSDOpportunityInStraddle Boolean
WasFlop Boolean
WasRiver Boolean
WasTurn Boolean
WentAllIn Boolean
Wonhand Boolean
Wonhandwhensawflop Boolean
Wonhandwhensawturn Boolean
Wonshowdown Boolean