How do I create a new HUD? / How do I create a copy of a HUD to another table format?

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Creating a new HUD with DriveHUD 2 is simple. The following tutorial will walk you through the process step by step.


1. Click on the HUD tab at the top of DriveHUD 2.


2. Select a table layout from the drop-down list (ie, Bovada 6-max).



3. Select any HUD name from the drop-down (doesn’t matter which one because we’re just going to duplicate it).



4. Click on Duplicate.


5. Set a name and table layout for your new HUD. Click OK.


6. Click on the HUD elements on the design/preview screen to enter edit mode and clear out everything by clicking on the red X icon.


7. Click and drag on any element that you need (for example, plain stats box) for your HUD and drop it on the preview screen.


8. At the right window where it says SEARCH, enter the new stats you’d like to add, or manually scroll and locate them in the ALL STATS box.


9. Once you’ve located the stat(s) you want to add, drag and drop them from the ALL STATS box to the SELECTED STATS box. You will now see them populate in your pop-up window of the HUD editor.


10. You can also add line breaks to your pop-up by clicking on the ADD LINE BREAK icon located between the ALL STATS and SELECTED STATS boxes.


11. To add a color range, or change the font size and type of the stats you’ve selected, Right-Click on the stat you want to adjust. Click here for a detailed explanation of this section.


12. If you’re done editing your HUD, click the checkmark arrow at the bottom right of the HUD editor. You’ll be asked if you wish to save your updated HUD. Click YES to save. You can update your HUD name.


If you have any further questions or need any setup assistance, please contact support from this page:


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