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DriveHUD’s Restrictions In PokerStars

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When playing in PokerStars, please keep in mind that DriveHUD has some limitations in order to pass their TOS (Terms of Service). Some of these limitations include:

  • only 3 stat color ranges in HUD, no player icons, no stickers, and some stats are prohibited such as c-bet stats on flop textures
  • no heatmaps
  • No player profiling, bumper stickers, tilt meter, or dynamic stats
  • DriveHUD poker equity calculator is disabled when you have PokerStars client open
  • Population reports and hand charts in your HUD are not allowed.


For more info, you can also check out PokerStars’ Third-Party Tools and Services Policy.


If you have any further questions or need any setup assistance, please contact support from this page: