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    On ACR the Flash hole cards feature takes about 15 seconds to show after the hand is over, which makes it much less useful. On Ignition it’s immediate. Just want confirmation if this is normal or not? Thanks.


    This delay seems to apply to Tag Last Hand sometimes as well, resulting in the hand previous to the one that just ended getting tagged when I mean to tag the one that just ended, unless I wait and tag it after several seconds.


    The flash hole card should appear after the hand is played like what you saw in ignition. I’ll have our developer check this. Please send us a message though DH2 app using the headset/support icon. When you send the message, make sure you have “attach log” checked and “advance log” unchecked.




    I play on pokerstars.

    During the first 10 hands approximately the hole cards are shown after the hands are done.

    After that it doesn’t show anymore.
    Is there something i can do to show me the hands during the whole game….

    this is a first time i use this kind of program and i find it a good product although i will have to learn alot yet .

    thx for any help.

    sincerely yours



    Did you change anything on your table? If you have flash hole cards enabled for the HUD profile in your table, the hole card should show after the hand.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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