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    Hello, I want to recommend some features that in my opinion can improve your software.

    Graphics by tournament, by far the most used format for tournament players (like you see in sharkscope, etc), but your software only has graphics by week, month and year for tournaments.
    Also on tournaments the luck line (I presume to be EV) it doesn’t seem to work, mine was always at 0. It would be nice to have a functional EV line.

    In addition, I would also like to recommend more options in terms of tournaments, for example viewing sessions and time, these options are in cash but not tournament mode.
    And also more filters, for example I can see only SNG graphs but I cannot see only SNG statistics.

    Thank you and continuation of a good work.


    Thank you for the suggestion.


    Hello, I will take advantage of this post of mine to leave some more suggestions.
    This time related to the statistics in the HUD, it is because the HUD does not adjust the statistics for HU and count them as normal game, it is common to have “false statistics” against those who have played HU, and it is quite common for those who play SNG, for example I see a lot of players with a very high VPP not because they play all hands 6 handed but because I played HU against them and they were playing a much wider range, so it happens that the HUD as it is does not make a distinction and I end up having unreal data in the tournament because of that HU data. I hope i explained it well, I tried my best.
    I also wanted to suggest to make possible to see tournament statistics per day, without tab-type filters that showed earnings, EV, number of tournaments, per day, etc.
    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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