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    Ive had some issues/suggestions with DriveHUD2. I posted them in the official released thread but I think they may have been unnoticed.

    I would like to suggest an “overall” row at the bottom of the reports. Also, It would be nice to have a copy/past text box inside the range tool.

    I noticed there is now a pop up of the hand history and board run out after I play a hand. I like the feature. I noticed I can move its location when im on a table but I was wondering if I can permanently adjust its location in the HUD editor?

    Also, I recently noticed the tournament histories from BetOnline are not recording correctly. I can not distinguish the games because there is no lable for the tournament ID. It would be very helpful if in the tournaments report I could list the game ID.


    Thanks again!




    I have recently noticed that when I try to decrease my opacity and save the change it will instantly revert back to full opacity during the saving process. I have not found a way to get my opacity decreased for use in game.


    also, I notice the post hand pop up with the hole cars/eq/board is gone. How do I turn that back on? Thanks



    Would really like to see the Live play page for Tournaments.


    I think this is the same as the suggestion above, but it would be nice if the hands would update in the tournament hands section when playing live.  The only way right now to achieve this is to select another tab then go back to the tournaments tab to update the hands played.

    Another suggestion would be to put a preferred seat option in the replayer.  If this already exists and I’m just missing it, please let me know.


    I’m unable to find the following corresponding stats for 3-bet pots for following stats. All these stats are defintely available for SRP but are they not available for 3-bet pots for incorporating them in HUD profile. Can you please add following stats for 3-bet pots for all 3 streets – Flop/Turn/River

    1. Fold to CBet in 3Bet Pot IP/OOP – Flop/Turn/River
    2. Check-Raise C-Bet in 3bet Pot- Flop/Turn/River
    3. Fold Vs C-Bet Raise in 3Bet Pot IP/OOP- Flop/Turn/River
    5. Check Raise in 3Bet Pot – Flop/Turn/River
    6. Fold Vs Check/Raise in 3Bet Pot- Flop/Turn/River
    7. Float% in 3bet pot- Flop/Turn/River
    8. Fold to Float% in 3bet pot- Flop/Turn/River
    9. Probe in 3bet Pot- Flop/Turn/River
    10. Fold to Probe in 3bet Pot- Flop/Turn/River


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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