questions regarding importation of data and a few other topics. TY in advance.

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    How do I ensure that the over 800 sit and goes I have imported into D Hud Have been imported correctly. Is there a function that lists the sit and go number somewhere. I am looking at a replay window right now. There is no identifying Hand history information or sit and go identifier that I can see.


    I am looking at the tournament dashboard right now and see no identifying sit and go or hand history process or if a given sit and go and its hand are from Black Chip or Iggy.


    There is no delineation between Black Chipp or IGGY sit and goes. (I requested how to differentiate for hand histories as well as R D population checks etc. previously)


    I have been over the support manual extensively and cannot find answers to these questions anywhere. (Maybe I missed it.)


    I have not heard back on how to set up Huds for simultaneous use on B Chip or Iggy. (As before I have been through the manual and cannot find the answer to this question. (If I have missed it, I apologize).


    According to a screen shot I sent you Black Chip hand histories were successfully imported. Yet, there Is no indication of such on the dashboard tournament bracelets. I finished in the money in many of them. Yet, they are not noted in the bracelets. They have different pay out amounts and buyins than Iggy. These are noted nowhere in the payouts or in the buyins.


    I just scrolled the entire list of buyins on the tourney dashboard. There are no Blackchip buy in amounts there.


    I sent screenshots yesterday about hand histories being non sequential and jumping from 4-15-24 to 9-14-23, 3-8-24 to 9-14-23, 2-21-24 to 9-18-23, 1-24-24 to 9-14-23, etc. There are more but I do not have time to document all of them. There are a major slew of hand histories missing from Iggy Files as compared with the Iggy Hand history file and what is present in the D Hud tournament dashboard.


    Thank you.

    Also. in R&D what is the “population” of which you speak. Is it the population against which I played on Black Chip and Iggy? or some population data base proprietary to D HUD.



    The data you see in DH2 dashboard/tournament tab is based on which player ID you set. Ignition player ID is “Hero” and WPN/black chip player ID is your playername/account name.

    If you want to see both data at the same time, you will need to create an alias with both player ID.

    As for MTT/Sng, in your tournament report tab, click “table type” header to arrange the table by MTT or SnG. You can also click the “started” to have the date in order.

    As for the missing hand history, I have our developer check what went wrong. Please wait for their reply.



    ty for your response. Cheers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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