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    Hey guys I recently started using the asian hand converter to enable driveHUD on poker bros.


    The HUD portion seems to be working fine for the current session, but the hand histories are not in the DriveHUD application thus I can’t look back for review. It also seems as if stats aren’t “shared” across tables, EX. someone on two different tables, same person, different HUD stats.

    I would assume I just need to get the application to look in the correct file folder, but not sure how to do that. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance!


    If the HUD was present your table, the data is inside DriveHUD.   Can you please check if you setup your pokerbros player ID in DriveHUD. If you are playing on multiple accounts, I suggest creating an alias to merge the data you played in different accounts.

    The HUD shares the players stats but the way DriveHUD tracks the hands as that it shows the performance on the player on that specific table.  If you want to merge the stats or see the players stats, please close reopen the table or you can check it on your dashboard.

    (previous hand played by player+ hand played in the table now= current table HUD stats  This is for each table.)


    How do I set the name in driveHUD? I’m not seeing anywhere to do that? Also are you saying that the HUD is only for what the player has done at that specific table? What is the point of building a database of hands on a player if you can only see what they have done in that session in the HUD?…… Would seem as if when a hand was recorded the database would have a new entry and the HUD would pull from that… thus including any action happening on other tables, no?

    DH Support

    You set the player ID from the top right hand side of Drivehud:

    How do I set my player ID?

    And no, your stats are saved and historical. You can have different stats for the same player on 2 different tables because it’s intentionally set that way so you can see how your opponent is diverging. When the session is over, the data combines. Next session it will pull all historical data together.


    Also are you saying that the HUD is only for what the player has done at that specific table?


    If you have 1000 hands vs this person in the past, and join two tables at the same time where that player is playing, after 200 hands playing at those tables, you’ll have 1200 hands worth of data on that player showing on each table, and they won’t match. After leaving the tables and joining another table with that player, you’ll have all 1400 hands worth of data associated with that player.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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