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    Using v2.01.6797, in the following Ignition example, two new rules were created. Everything was default except one had the Turn Bet and the other the River Bet filter selected. See also

    If ‘Any Hand Value’ was selected, there was a note created for P2.

    If every hand value was manually selected, there was no note.

    <session sessioncode=”3540078″>
    <gametype>Holdem NL $0.02/$0.05</gametype>
    <startdate>2022-04-17 05:24:07</startdate>
    <game gamecode=”4272208674″>
    <startdate>2022-04-17 05:29:43</startdate>
    <player seat=”1″ name=”Hero” chips=”2.57″ dealer=”1″ win=”2.94″ bet=”1.51″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”2″ name=”P4_485148BI” chips=”9.89″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0.02″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”4″ name=”P6_416270WE” chips=”3.6″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0.05″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”5″ name=”P1_613031CB” chips=”4″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”6″ name=”P2_542101TX” chips=”14.46″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”1.51″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <round no=”0″>
    <action no=”1″ player=”P4_485148BI” type=”1″ sum=”0.02″ cards=”[cards]” />
    <action no=”2″ player=”P6_416270WE” type=”2″ sum=”0.05″ cards=”[cards]” />
    <round no=”1″>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P1_613031CB”>X X</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P2_542101TX”>SJ S8</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”Hero”>DJ HK</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P4_485148BI”>X X</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P6_416270WE”>X X</cards>
    <action no=”3″ player=”P1_613031CB” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”4″ player=”P2_542101TX” type=”23″ sum=”0.12″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”5″ player=”Hero” type=”3″ sum=”0.12″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”6″ player=”P4_485148BI” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”7″ player=”P6_416270WE” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <round no=”2″>
    <cards type=”Flop” player=””>H2 H5 D3</cards>
    <action no=”8″ player=”P2_542101TX” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”9″ player=”Hero” type=”5″ sum=”0.17″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”10″ player=”P2_542101TX” type=”3″ sum=”0.17″ cards=”” />
    <round no=”3″>
    <cards type=”Turn” player=””>SK</cards>
    <action no=”11″ player=”P2_542101TX” type=”5″ sum=”0.31″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”12″ player=”Hero” type=”3″ sum=”0.31″ cards=”” />
    <round no=”4″>
    <cards type=”River” player=””>S5</cards>
    <action no=”13″ player=”P2_542101TX” type=”5″ sum=”0.91″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”14″ player=”Hero” type=”3″ sum=”0.91″ cards=”” />

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