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    DH Support

    DriveHUD – update | v1.0.4.690

    Change Log
    – Patch for BOL (chico) update
    – Added 888Poker support
    – Fixed preflop action filter
    – Fixed FR filter bb position
    – Fixed player types not appearing
    – Fixed some HUD related issues

    Please note, if you have an older version before we switched license servers (.621 or earlier), this version will force you to have the new serial code. So if you’re still one of those, just contact support before you install to get your new serial code.


    I still can’t get BetOnline to work after the patched version is installed. Anything I need to do different? I am still in trial if that is the problem.


    Hi, I downloaded the new version for BOL and it has me locked out.  It says my trial is over.  When I put in my serial number I recieved when I purchased it says it is invalid.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks

    DH Support

    BOL and chico network are working fine. Maybe try and reboot and let me know if you’re running ok?

    DH Support

    River- contact support to get your new serial. You must have missed the above where it said you’re going to have to get a new serial if you were on an older version.



    I downloaded this update and I got the new serial number.

    Bet Online is crashing at the end of the first hand at a table when I run DriveHud but not if I run Bet Online by itself. Could you please advise if there is a new fix in the works?

    DH Support

    Correct. BOL updated their client again yesterday. We have a fix in place that will come up as an auto update and this forum will be updated with the latest build as well.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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