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    Hi guys,


    I am writing to express my big concerns about the drivehud customer service. I have bought a AHC license for a 3months, after a few days I wanted to extend my license to Omaha PRO All Stakes – DH2 + AHC and made an agreement with support about paying more for an extension and about refunding my costs for AHC. It was almost two months ago, I bought PRO package and provided proof of it, since then customer service talking a lot of nonsense to avoid refund, although in emails we have a clear agreement.

    It’s embarrassing that a company like this would do this for a few bucks.

    Probably my message will be removed from this forum, so I am posting it on various platforms.

    Players be aware!!



    I sent a refund request for this purchased. I have advance support investigate this. Please wait for our reply.

    DH Support

    Come on… nobody stole your money. You were offered to have your license moved and migrated over, it’s not something support has to do. A refund request was placed for your other purchase. I show it went through the first time and errored out. But it was placed again early this morning. I looked up your ticket and you didn’t respond, so I assume it was processed.




    The company complied with the terms of the contract – money refunded a few days after my topic on the forum.

    From my experience bad customer service, but with a good product.

    hopefully, you will improve in the future.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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