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    Hello, so I have been using DriveHUD on my laptop, but I want to start playing on my desktop. how can i transfer my license, so it would work?

    Also is it possible to somehow transfer my settings and hand history?


    You just need to reset your serial key to free an activation slot then register it on your new computer.

    To tranfer data to your new computer, just go to DriveHUD settings>backup  and create a backup file on your old system then import the backup file to your new system.


    Had a few follow-up questions to this.

    I use a laptop and a desktop to play.  Right now, I’ve installed DriveHUD on the laptop.

    I understand how to move data to the desktop.  However, what if I want to go back to the laptop?  Do I just backup/import from desktop back to laptop?  If I do that, do I need to delete anything on the laptop first (i.e. will it create duplicate hands since I already had stuff on the laptop?).

    I’m just trying to find the easiest way and the correct workflow way to go back and forth between laptop and desktop without getting duplicates or incorrect data.  Is there a better way so that I can freely use the desktop sometimes and the laptop sometimes?




    No you don’t have to delete anything on your laptop, it will not create duplicates.


    Also, if you plan to switch system often, exporting the session HH then importing them to your other system would go faster than doing backup. Just right click on the session you want to export in the session report and click export to 3rd party app then import those to your other DriveHUD.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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