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    DH Support

    DriveHUD BETA release update – v1.6.0.2695

    – Added Export for 3rd party apps function
    – Fixed short deck equity in replayer
    – Adjusted bb/100 graph
    – Fixed performance issue in bb/100 graph
    – Fixed PK short deck position issues (rebuild is required)
    – Fixed Cold Call 3/4-Bet stats
    – Fixed Limp Re-Raise column in report
    – Fixed 4-Bet vs Blind 3-Bet column in report
    – Fixed Check River on BX Line stat
    – Fixed issue when players between and stake filter might not work if all 6-max or all full-ring position are selected
    – Added Call 3-Bet stats
    – Improved performance
    – Fixed the issue when BOL table isn’t detected if process name is different from GameClient
    – Fixed PB issue when table wasn’t detected if its name has extra spaces at the end
    – Fixed the issue when DH doesn’t detect PK table sometime
    – Added missing Check/fold flop when 3-betting OOP and Check/fold flop when PFR OOP to the dashboard

    – Fixed player notes in replayer
    – Fixed issues in OD and 3FF bumper stickers


    DriveHUD BETA release update – v1.6.0.2695 – Improved performance

    I’ve been using v1.6.0.2695 for the past week and, unfortunately, performance has noticeably decreased. It’s taking several minutes for the HUD to attach when opening multiple tables and the hand totals are lagging behind. This is at BetOnline. Should I just revert to a previous version?

    DH Support

    Yes revert back. I actually tested with one of your 20 gig databases on BOL and it was working fine. Yours is probably even bigger by now. This wasn’t the major performance change we had discussed earlier. But yes, I’d go back for now. I think someone is going to email you as well.


    So it looks like the issue only happens when I open a bunch of tables one after the other. If I open a small amount of tables and gradually add more after the HUDs attach to the tables then it doesn’t appear to be an issue. I guess it’s just bottlenecking after a certain amount of tables are opened too close together. I’ll probably just stick with the newest version(.2720) for now unless I begin to notice any additional lagging with it.

    I’ll check out the email in a little bit. Thanks for the response and have a good weekend!



    I had the same experience, took 4+ hands before any of the dozen or so tables I just opened registered the HUD.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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