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    DriveHUD Beta Build – v1.1.0.1364:

    Release notes:

    Added ACR SnG 2.0 support
    New HUD Designer
    Added new stats:
    Limp EP%
    Limp MP%
    Limp CO%
    Limp BTN%
    Limp SB%
    Cold Call EP%
    Cold Call MP%
    Cold Call CO%
    Call Call BTN%
    Cold Call SB%
    Cold Call BB%
    Cold Call 3-Bet%
    Cold Call 4-Bet%
    Cold Call vs BTN open%
    Cold Call vs SB open%
    Cold Call vs CO open%
    Fixed stats issue w/ IP/OOP (e.g. Cold Call IP, Cold Call OOP)
    Added preferred seating button on HUD screen
    Fixed date sorting for session and tournaments reports
    Added migration which rebuilds player stats to see the proper value of these new stats (it’s possible to skip it)
    Added Rebuild button to general settings which rebuilds player stats
    Added Recover button to general settings which recovers backup version of stats if rebuild function produced some issues
    Fixed PS importing issue when mucked cards weren’t imported
    Added Equity Win % to hand replayer
    Added functionality of buttons P F T R and go to end
    Fixed issues in omaha calculator
    Fixed issues in quick filter
    Fixed the issue when tournaments data wasn’t shown if filter was selected

    Fixed migration from old (v.0) original first version layouts
    Fixed an issue when new group appeared in All Stats if some stat was moved from Selected Stats
    Fixed an issue when stat still existed in All Stats even if same stat in another group was dragged&dropped to Selected Stats
    Fixed an issue when it wasn’t possible to attach popup to Player Profile Icon stat
    Fixed an issue when popup/tool tip didn’t appear for Player Profile Icon stat
    Optimized all reports and charts

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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